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November 11, 2012
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Removing Chewing Gum From Carpeting

If you have children, then you know all about getting gum out of your carpets. and if not here's a great tip for you:

1. place an ice cube directly onto the gum and let it sit until the gum becomes hard.

2. slowly remove the gum by pushing into all corners of the gum and getting it to the point that you can just use your fingernail to go underneath of it and pop it off of the carpeting. once it's been removed,

3. take some rubbing alcohol and test a small piece of your carpeting like in a closet to make sure your carpet is colorfast. then pour over the gum

4. using a stiff toothbrush go over the gum until the gum has been removed.

If the little one has managed to get it into their hair, you can use peanut butter to remove it. just apply and rub until fully removed.

if they manage to get it on their clothing you can place the item in the freezer and freeze it until you can just pick it off. Great Cleaning Authority tips.

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