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March 19, 2013
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the importance of doing this one job in your home can't be overestimated. it can literally save your home from burning down. we've all heard the stories about the dryer vent starting a fire in a home and spreading to the rest of the house. don't let this happen to you. there are steps that you can take to make sure they have been cleaned out properly. of course number one is make sure you remove the lint basket to your dryer after each use to remove the build up of lint. two: you can use your vacuum cleaner crevice attachment to clean out under the lint basket. try to remove as much of the lint as possible. you can help yourself out here by using a very skinny brush to go in before vacuuming to loosen up the lint for removal. three: last but not least you can pull the dryer out from the wall and make sure that all of the lint has ben removed from around the dryer as well as around the vent itself. this is a good time to remove the vent from the dryer and use your vacuum to remove as much lint from the vent hose as possible. there are brushes made for this purpose today. that can help you out iimmensely . some can reach all the way through to the outside . four: finally, you can hire a professional to come in and remove the vents and clean them out. if your venting hoses are very long, then this is a very good idea to consider. these are all great House Cleaning Tips that can help to keep your home safe. use them .more Cleaning authority tips.

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