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House Cleaning Tips , Issue #004 teaser here
October 07, 2012
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Whether they are carafes or thermos containers, there comes a time when you are so busy that you forget to turn off the coffee maker and the insides of the carafe or container looks like it's been burned into submission. Well here's a great bit of information for you to take care of the mess. Pour some powdered water softener into the bottom of the carafe or thermos and then fill with hot water, then let it sit for a while to do its job. be sure to place the lid on the thermos and give it a good shake before letting it stand for a while. then take a sponge with a scrubber and start to clean the carafe, you will notice that it comes clean very easily. Be very careful of course because the water is very hot. you don't want to burn yourself cleaning them. rinse them out with hot water. They should be perfectly clean. if not do it again. miracles do happen. A great House Cleaning Tips.

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