Carpet Supplies

Carpet Supplies today consists of a host of products to choose from.

There are sprays, liquids, machines that will pull everything up into them, and many more to choose from.

I’m going to take a stab at them and give you some ideas as to what you will need to remove most stains, and the Carpet Supplies you'll need to make that happen. 

The obvious ones are of course the spills we make. Nine times out of ten, there is a phone number on the product that you just spilled onto your carpet, so make a phone call and see what they tell you to use to get that spill out.

If not then have a look at the  list below.   Find your spill, and then find the remedy.


Carpet Supplies:

Clear Liquid dish detergent, Warm water, White vinegar, Clean dry towels, A sponge and

Using your dry towel, soak up as much liquid as possible.

You can stand on the towel to really soak it in, and then mix a teaspoon of liquid detergent with a cup of warm water.

Using your sponge, soak up the mixture and wring it out over the spot. Using your dry towels, soak up as much of the liquid as you can, then make a mixture of one-third cup vinegar to two-thirds cup warm water.

Using your sponge, soak up the mixture then wring it out over the spot. Using your dry towels, soak up as much of the liquid as possible.

Use clear water to go back over the area, and then soak up as much as possible with dry towels.   Let dry completely, and then vacuum.

The mixture above is standard for almost all spots and spills.  Make sure they are part of your container for Carpet Supplies.


Carpet Supplies:

Paper towels, Q-tips, Rubbing alcohol, Oxy clean, Dry towels.

Using the paper towels, soak up as much of the ink as you can, then take a Q-tip and dip into the rubbing alcohol and this will dissolve the ink.

Use your paper towels to blot it up until it is gone, as much as possible. Then make a mixture of two tablespoons of oxy clean to a cup of water and dissolve it.

Pour the mixture over the stain and let it sit for about six or seven minutes. Then blot up with dry towels. Let dry and then vacuum.


Carpet Supplies:

Paper towels, Clear liquid dish detergent, White vinegar, Wash cloth.

Using the paper towels, blot up as much of the liquid as possible.

Make a mixture of one teaspoon of liquid detergent to one cup of cold water.

Use your wash cloth to work it into the spot.  Then blot up as much as possible with the paper towels.

Pour cold water over the spot and keep blotting up the liquid until all of the soap is gone.

If some of the spot still remains, then use a mixture of one- third cup vinegar and two- thirds cup cold water and pour over the spot.

Blot up until the spot is gone.  Let it dry, then vacuum.

Red Berry Juice:

Carpet Supplies:

Spray bottle, Liquid dish detergent, White cotton towel, Steam iron.

Mix a spray bottle with a few drops of liquid detergent, and add water to the top.

Shake well until mixed, and then spray onto the spill spots.

Take the cotton towel and place over the spot, then using your iron on steam, go over the spot until it is absorbed into the towel.

Keep going over the spot until it is entirely gone.  Let dry, then vacuum.

As you can see, the list just keeps building, but there is hope here. Keep the basics on hand and if you need something special, then go out and get it.

Here’s a great tip if you have dogs or other animals who leave their odors around the home.  You can fill a spray bottle with water add, about one-quarter cup vinegar, then spray the intake vents around your home and spray around the rooms that have odors.

This will remove the odors.   The vinegar will neutralize them.

Here’s what’s in my kit for my carpeting:

  • · Spray bottle
  • · Dish detergent
  • · Vinegar
  • · Sponge
  • · Brush
  • · Bio-green clean
  • · Rubbing alcohol
  • · Dry towel
  • · Oxy clean
  • · Woolite carpet spray

It’s not a lot but it is the basics and these products will remove just about anything you can think of, especially the Bio-green clean.

It’s a plant based product, filled with enzymes that will munch their way through everything.  It’s something I’ve been using for some time now and it will work on absolutely everything in your home.

Carpet Supplies, check out #6 in our library for more info on the decorative carpet.


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