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The word Hoarder alone brings to mind a home filled to the brim with collected items that just don’t make sense to most of us, but to the person collecting them, they are everything.

And that’s where the problem comes into view. For most of us having a few collectables around us makes a lot of sense, but to have so much that we cannot walk through our homes without tripping over them creates a real problem for most of us.

 By definition, Hoarder means: a person who accumulates things and hides them away for future use someone who collects things that have been discarded by others.

When it becomes compulsive and takes over your life you then have problems keeping it under control.

If you think you’re alone, then think again. The stats tell us that two per cent of us fall into this category How about you.

Where do you fall when it comes to collecting? How can you tell when you’ve crossed that line?


Take this little test:

  •  Are you becoming attached to your things? Are they objects that others think are very trivial? Would you feel a sense of loss if you had to throw them out?
  •  Do you feel that these objects have value, like art?
  •  Are you compelled to keep something because some day it might have some use?


If you fall into the yes side of these questions, then you are probably one or on the verge of becoming one.

It has become increasingly more apparent that depression disorder and anxiety along with possibly attention deficit disorder are causes for this. Studies have shown that the frontal lobe region of the brain of people who hoard tends to work differently.

This part of the brain is used for rational thinking and weighing options, as a result their priorities are different.



Of course if you fall into one of the categories above, depression, anxiety, or ADHD don’t diagnose yourself.

Please seek the help of a professional that can guide you through all of the steps for a firm diagnosis.



  •  Brain food for your focus
  •  Find someone to listen to you without any judgment
  •  Ask for help to find someone to help you.
  •  Make some small steps to help yourself move forward. Like remove one item. Then work on another, then another.


More info on Hoarders.


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