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with Kitchen Ideas we’ve finally made it to the final frontier of the home.

It always seems to be the last space we want to clean, and rightly so.

It’s filled with all of those jobs we like least in the home. The refrigerator, the oven, and the stove top are among those we like to ignore.

But let’s jump right into the center of it all and get moving. Of course before we start, let’s get the space put into order.

Turn on the lights and begin by placing everything in the trash that belongs there, and then removing all of the items on the counters to their rightful places in your cabinets.

If the dishwasher is full of dishes needing cleaning, then start it up. Open the windows of course letting in the fresh air is one of those great Kitchen Ideas.
Let’s fill our bucket up with some warm water and some of the bio-green clean. Not much is needed for a gallon of water. So be careful not to add too much, add your micro cloth and let’s start.


don’t forget to wipe down the insides of the doors. And if you have handles or knobs, make a point of wiping them down very well.

They tend to carry some pretty mean germs at times.


Wipe down the bottom cabinets:

make sure to wipe down the insides of the cabinet doors as well as the inside of the drawer fronts.

Of course make a point of wiping down the handles or knobs on these as well.


Some great Kitchen Ideas:

wipe down the outside of the refrigerator.

This means the top and sides as well.

Pay close attention to the surface here, if you have enamel, you can use just about anything to clean it, and if The Kitchen has stainless, then you may want to use what was recommended by the manufacturer.

I find that with stainless if you use a mixture of hot water a capful of bleach and a couple drops of liquid detergent, then add your micro cloth and get it very wet and then go over the entire appliance, wipe it down with a micro cloth that has been rung out very well. You can then wipe it dry with a clean towel.

It should look great and there should be no marks on the surface.


take your time with the Kitchen Ideas.,

You may get away with a quick wipe here but, if your stove top has liners underneath the elements of your stove, then remove them and place them in some hot water to soak for now.

Your bio-green clean should melt off the grease if there is any.

If you need to scrub your liners, here’s a great tip I’ve used for years.

Get some zero grade steel wool. Take a small piece and get it wet, then add some liquid detergent and scrub the liners. All spots should come right off. Rinse them when done, and wipe them then return them to the stove top.

If your Stove-Top is glass go here.


once again take your time and get it right. Use the same mixture as above.

Hot water a cupful of bleach and a couple drops of liquid detergent.

Add your micro cloths and get them real soapy then wipe down the oven outsides. Go over again with micro cloth that has been rung out very dry.

Then use a dry towel to go back over the surface. The Kitchen oven should look great.

Watch this video , you'll be amazed at what you learn


you can use the mixture above again for this appliance.

If the inside needs a good cleaning, then add a bowl of water with some lemon juice and put it on high for five minutes, or until it is boiling and steaming the inside.

Wipe it clean with a damp towel to remove any signs of spills. Another great tip from Kitchen Ideas that will help to remove the odors.

you can watch the video here


if you have one in The Kitchen then you know not to open the door of this piece of equipment.

By opening the door a lot you are damaging the unit’s ability to cool properly and you may have to replace the elements if it has become damaged.

So the only thing to do for the piece is to wipe down the outside.


if you leave some of them out on your counter-top, then it’s time to clean them now.

A mixture of hot water, a cupful of bleach, a couple drops of liquid detergent, add your micro cloth and go to work wiping down each one of them that you need to.

A helpful hint here: keep as much off of your counter-tops as possible, you need the space for working on, and quite honestly no one wants to see your appliances anyway. Kitchen Ideas, who knew there would be so many.


of course wipe the Exhaust Hood down, and dry when you’re done.

It’s a good idea to wash down the tile back splash that is here right now. You can spray the area with some of the bio-green clean.

Let it stand for a few minutes, then rinse it off and dry the area.The Kitchen will shine.


fill your bucket with hot water and some of the bio-green clean.

By now you’re asking yourself what’s this bio green clean all about. Here’s your answer. It’s a plant based product that has no odor and is filled with all of those enzymes that munch there way right through everything.

And leave it absolutely sparkling and clean. I can’t say enough about it. You’ll find out all about what it can do for you in The Kitchen if you start to use it in your home.

  OK let’s move onto the counters. Before you start remove anything that is remaining on them to your table top. Then add your micro cloth to the mixture and wipe down the counters and back-splash.

If you have granite counter, this would be a good time to use your bottle of cleaner to add some shine back to them.

Once you have finished,  replace all of those items removed back to their places on your counters, you’re finished.


If The Kitchen has  table and chairs, then make a mixture of hot water and some of the bio-green clean, add your micro cloth and start wiping down the table and chairs.

If there is a fixture above your table, then now is the time to clean it. Take your time and do it right.

Don’t miss anything. Now remove the chairs from the room, along with anything else that is going to get into our way of cleaning the floor. But first.


get the windows cleaned. Use hot water and some liquid detergent. Get your micro cloth very wet and go over the windows, use your squeegee to wipe them down and then use a dry towel to wipe the edges. Kitchen Ideas like clean windows is a very good idea.


of course as always, your manufacturer’s recommendations are welcome, and sometimes very appropriate.

You may have granite floors, or maybe a stone of some kind, or possibly wood. Whatever you have used what is appropriate for your floor.

Most of us have porcelain tile or tile of some kind, or possibly a sheet good. So we’ll be using some hot water and some bio green clean.

Those little munchkins will eat their way right through just about anything dropped on the floor.

Whatever you use, get the floors cleaned. Cleaning the grout is another problem in Kitchen Ideas, click here to see how to get this done.

Remove all of the Trash to their outside containers .

Replace all of the chairs to the table.


whether it’s porcelain or stainless, make sure it has been cleaned thoroughly we’ve used it for cleaning the entire home so make it shine.

Great Kitchen Ideas:

If its porcelain then use your micro cloth get it very wet and add some liquid detergent along with some baking soda and start scrubbing down the sink.

Rinse when done and then use hot water and some of the liquid detergent to go over the faucet  and handles then rinse and dry. You’re done.

If you have a stainless sink, then using your micro cloth, add hot water some of the liquid detergent and soap down the entire sink. Along with the Faucet  and handles, rinse off here’s a great tip:

that works wonders on the stainless sink. Using your micro cloth get it wet and take a bar of soap and get the micro cloth very sudsy then wipe down the entire sink, and rinse off. Dry afterwards. It should shine and no spots will remain.

You’ve crossed the finish line and  Kitchen Ideas and your home are now perfectly clean. Remember what I’ve always said to you. “Keep it simple but above all keep it clean”.

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