Carpet Cleaning Solution
Step by Step


A good Carpet Cleaning Solution can save us from a disaster.

For those few moments of terror, we look to the gods for help removing those stains.

Of course reality sets in and we run for the towels to soak up as much as we can before it sets in permanently.

In most cases all is well, and we thank the gods for their help.

And it's back to new before we know it.

However there are those times when we can’t reach for the towels and just the right cleaner, and the stain sets in.  Those are the moments that we are going to talk about here.

We’ll start with:

  • How do I keep my carpets clean?
  • When something spills, how do I remove it?
  • Making your own spot remover.
  • When should I use a professional?

Carpet Cleaning Solution #1

Keeping Them Clean:

The first step is trying to keep the traffic down to a minimum.

And of course, taking off your shoes before entering.

Just these two steps alone will help immensely to keep them clean.

You will also want to vacuum at least once a week.

This keeps the top dust off and if your vacuum is powerful enough it can even pull what’s at the bottom up to the top of the nap and up into the vacuum.  Check out these Vacuum Cleaner Ratings.

If you’re like me, then you have a commercial grade carpet on the floor, and in order to save it from being destroyed,  I placed oriental rugs on top.

This helps to ground the furniture to my space and also helps with the traffic patterns.

I use oriental runners for bridges between areas of traffic, and this also helps to control the amount of dirt that comes into my home.

You can also place a small rug in front of a high traffic piece of furniture to keep the dirt off.  These are all very good ideas, and will help in keeping your carpet clean.

Carpet Cleaning Solution # 2

When Something Spills, How Do I Remove It?

Of course, the very first steps are to get a dry towel and soak up as much as possible.   Keep your Carpet Supplies handy.

Do yourself a favor and place the towel down over the spill and walk on the towel to get up the spill.  This will help to soak up as much liquid as possible very quickly.

Just keep moving the towel to soak it up.

If you need more towels, then get more.  If you can catch a spill right away, you can usually right the wrong immediately.

If you know you are having guests for the evening, then keeping a kit nearby which will help to make your life easier.

Whether it’s coffee or wine, with just a few steps, you can get them out quite quickly.

Carpet Cleaning Solution # 3

Making Your Own Spot Remover

Choosing the right method for Carpet Cleaning Solutions can make all the difference.

It’s a good idea to keep a kit in the home just for removing spots and spills. Here’s what you’ll need.

  • A bottle of club soda, good for spills of any kind.  It brings the spill to the surface where it can be removed.  Great to use for red wine spills.
  • Lemon juice and cream of tartar,  great for rust stains.  Just pour lemon juice onto stain and then sprinkle cream of tartar on top of lemon juice.  Let stand and then rinse with cold water and wipe up with dry towel.
  • Hydrogen peroxide, great for removing blood.  If you can catch it right away, then use the peroxide to remove the blood.  Rinse with cold water and blot up with dry towel.
  • Shaving cream, great for spots because it’s whipped soap.   Just wet the spot, add some shaving cream and work it into the spot.   Rinse with cold water and wipe it up with a dry towel.
  • Of course, add your favorite cleaner to your container of mixes and your good to go.

Carpet Cleaning Solution # 4

When Should I Use A Professional?

When you can’t remove your own spots, or when you’ve let the carpet get out of control.

Sometimes just having the traffic patterns cleaned is enough for most people.

I have clients that clean spring and fall.   In-between, if something happens, they can use their own mixes to remove the spots and spills.

Of course, if all of this is too overwhelming for you, then you really do need a professional.

If you have animals that leave remnants behind, such as urine   onto the carpeting, then a professional is almost assuredly needed.

Sometimes the damage caused by our pets becomes so great that the carpeting must be replaced, along with some of the sub flooring.

Stains from animals that have seeped through the carpet and into the sub flooring can be devastating because of the  odors.

You may want to think about a different surface for your floors at this point.  Sometimes putting a sealer over a pet stain on the sub flooring will do the job.   All in all, use your best judgment when considering a professional to clean your carpets.

Ask your friends who they use and get recommendations for your carpet cleaning.  Do not take prices or quotes for your home over the phone.

Make sure they come to your home to give you an estimate.  This way they understand exactly what needs to be done, and they can make recommendations for getting the severely soiled areas clean, advising you exactly what chemicals are used in the process.

Useful Resources:

If you have let your carpet get out of control find a (DIY) do it yourself carpet cleaning solution here as well as great recommendations on how to hire a professional carpet cleaner

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