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Recommended Reading Lists are about taking some time out to read an informed article, or using your time to take on a book can be very rewarding. 

In our busy lives today there doesn't seem to be a lot of time for either of these, but there really is.  Making the time to learn something new is always a good idea. 

I find that while i am out for my walk, that i can catch up on my reading through audio books, and on Sunday's i set aside an hour to catch up on my reading articles, and go through the paper.

  You can find the time.  I promise you it will be rewarding, and in some cases life changing.

Take a few moments and look over some of your choices below. They are all very good reading.

all books can be found at amazon, Barnes and noble, or your local book store

all articles are found within this site

1.  Domestic Olympics, The Ultimate House Cleaning Guide  by Richard Slinde

2.  Wood Floors, by Don Bollinger

3.  Carpeting by Robert L Selby

4.  The Tile Book by Elizabeth Hilliard

5.  Warmans Lalique by Mark F Moran

6.  Clear your clutter with feng shui  by Karen Kingston

7.  The decorative carpet by Alex G Perrachon

8.  Design Ideas For Wood by Joseph Provey and Roy Bernhart

9.  Care Of Wood Floors by Will Wiles

10.  The Vacuum Cleaner, A History by Carol Gantz

11.  Thermal Blinds by William A Shurcliff

12. The History Of Venice by John Julius Norwich

13.  Stuff by Randy Frost and Gail Steekete

14.  Organizing by Julie Morganstern

15.  Homework, Setting Up An Office At Home by Fay Sweet

16.  Living Room Decorating Ideas by George Willis

17.  De Cluttering and Organizing Your Closet by Judith Turnbridge

18.  Folding Towels 101  by Deanna Campbell

19.  House Beautiful Design and Decorating:  Living and Dining Rooms by  Tessa Evelegh

20.  Candice Olson Bedrooms  by Candice Olson

21.  Candice Olson Family Spaces, by Candice Olson

22.  Shoji How To Design, Build, and Install Japanese Screens  by Jay van Arsdale

23.  Troubleshooting and Repair of Major Appliances by Eric Klienert

24. Mold The War Within, by Lee Ann Billings, and Kurt Bilings

25. How To Grout Ceramic Floor Tile,  by Tim Carter

26. 500 stove top recipes by Phyllis Pellman Good

1. Bathroom Mold: What is it and how do we remove it.

2. Carpeting: What you need to know

3.  Wood FloorsMaintenance, sanding and refinishing

4. Cleaning Blinds: How to Keep        Them Clean

5. Tile: A walk through the ages

6.  Hoarder:  What we all need to          know

7.  Washer Dryer Repair

8.  Mold in Basement

9.  Stemware Storage

10.  Home Security Information


27.  Desktop Video Bible  by George Avgarekis

28.  Why Do I Have To Make My Bed  by Wade Bradford

29. Organize Your Garage In No Time by Barry Izsak

30.  Crystal Stemware Identification Guide. by Bob  Page and Dale Frederiksen

31.  Edible History easy recipes for homemade mother of vinegar, apple cider vinegar and wine vinegar, by Cassandra Cookson

32.  The Complete Idiots Guide To Home Security, by Lorna Gentry

33.  Who Took All The Paper Clips?, Fun Things To Do  In With Office Supplies When The Boss Isn't Looking by Rachel Rafit

34. 5 Simple Tips To De-Clutter Your Basement by Julie Wilson

35.  The Book Of Fine Linen, by Francoise De Bonneville

36.  Table Settings  by Tessa Evelegh

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