How To Clean A Room

How to Clean a Room is not rocket science, but it does take some science to make it happen.

For those of us in the business, it’s fun, but to all others, it can be overwhelming.

There are easy steps to this process, so put on your favorite mix of music and lets move forward into the darkness.


  •  Turn on the lights:  You can’t see the dirt without them on. And for those of us who are visually challenged, it’s a must.
  •  Open the windows and let in the fresh air.

  •  Pick up everything lying about and return those items to their rightful places.
  •  Remove all of the trash from the room.
  •  If you’re in a bedroom,make the bed. If you’re in the Family room, straighten out all of the furniture. I.e.-return chairs to tables and fluff the pillows on the couches. The idea here is to put everything in its place and make the room look like its ready to take pictures of.
  •  Fill a bucket with some water and some of your favorite cleaner, mine is Lysol disinfectant (yellow color). Add your micro-fiber cloths
  •  Take your cob-web brush and go over the top of the room as well as all of the corners and baseboards.
  •  Take your micro-fiber cloths and wring them out and wipe down everything in the room. I find that by working my way around a room wall by wall you won’t miss anything that way. Start at the top of the room. And work your way down to the floor. If there is something in the middle of the room do it last.  Change out the water as often as needed.
  •  Wash the windows if needed.
  •  Vacuum the floors,and if wood wash them completely.

So there you have it. Ten easy steps on How to Clean a Room, get more tips here. There are variations of course to every room you clean, but these are the basics that will get you through your home in a timely manner with little or no problem. Enjoy the journey.

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