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Washer Dryer Repair, Maintaining your washer and dryer can save you an armful of cash. 

Use these tips to keep your machines running smoothly.  Like water heaters, heating systems as well as air conditioning systems, they all have an expiration date.

  This holds true for just about any appliance, including your washer and dryer.  You can however help to prolong the life of your machines by following these suggested rules. 

Washer Repair Tips

Inspect your hoses for any damage that might have occurred.  It’s a very good idea to replace the hoses every five years.Today you can even replace them with stainless flexible tubing. Be sure to turn off the valves to the hoses before changing them out.

Make sure the Washing Machine is level.  Most machines come with adjustable front legs, and auto adjusting legs in the back of the machine.  Just bring the leg up as close as you can get to the base of the machine, and then tighten the bolt that holds it into place.

  Pull the back of the machine up to you; this will readjust the back legs automatically. your Washer Dryer Repair has now made the machine perfectly level.  

Use self-cleaning washer tablets to remove any residue or mold that have attached itself to the inside of your machine.

  This can also be done with a cup of bleach.  Just pour into the machine and run through a cycle completely. This Washer Dryer Repair Tip not only works here, but also in your dishwasher, just run a full cycle witha cup of bleach and you will disinfect the machine. 

If you have a front loading machine, then don’t forget to wipe down the door seal, then leave it open to prevent any mold from getting started. 

If you follow these Washer Dryer Repair Tips, you should be able to get many extra years out of your washer.

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Here is a list of the most asked for repairs.

The machine will not turn on

  This could be any number of problems, but before you go calling in a professional appliance serviceman, check to see if all of the breakers are working right.

It could be that your machine has shut down from being over worked.  If that is the case let it cool down completely, then try to start again. 

If this doesn’t work, you will want to call for a Washer Dryer Repair service.  Your problem may be a thermostat, or a switch that needs to be replaced.

  Your serviceman can get this done quite fast. 

The Washer will not spin.

This usually happens when a belt has snapped.  If the motor keeps running but the machine will not spin, it’s probably a snapped belt, or it could be the switch on the lid has malfunctioned.

  It’s there to stop you from putting your hands into a spinning drum.  That’s why when you open the lid it stops spinning.  If it’s not this it could be the transmission or the clutch to the machine. 

The washer will not drain.

Usually a kink in the line or a filter to the line is the problem, or it could be that the hose into the sink is not above the water line. If not any of these, then probably the water pump needs to be replaced.

The washer is leaking water.

It could be a bad seal or washer that is causing the problem. If you have a front loader, then it’s the seal to the door.  Sometimes even the water pump will have a bad seal. A Washer Dryer Repair can become very complicated, just take your time when looking over a problem, and you will be able to solve it.

Warranty contracts

If you’re a good handyman, then some of these problems can be handled by you.  This of course will save you a lot of money.

It’s time to talk about maintenance contracts on your Washer Dryer Repair.  I am of the belief that they are a waste of time. 

A Consumer Reports article on just this subject says that an extended warranty is a waste of time, and that when you purchase with a major credit card, you usually extend the manufacturer’s warranty by one year, so why buy them.

  Some people swear by them, most never get to use them.  It usually runs out before something bad really goes wrong, and you really need a Washer Dryer Repair.

  Here’s a great piece of information for you, did you know that the life expectancy of a washer is 10 years, and that of a dryer is 13 years?

  Keep this in mind when you’re looking to replace your machines, but especially when it comes to the warranty and service contracts.

To prolong the life of your dryer, take these steps

Clean your lint filters often you can purchase a brush made especially for this purpose, you will want to also brush behind the dryer as well as underneath to remove any lint that may be hiding there.

This can in fact prevent a fire from ever getting started.

Be sure to clean out your exhaust ducts.  There are brushes made specifically for this. 

You will need to remove the duct from the back of the dryer.  Place your brush into the duct entry and go all the way in and pull out the lint. 

Do this also to the flexible hosing attached to the outside venting. Make sure the vent to the outside is working properly.  Clean your exhaust ducts out at least once a year.

Check the seal on the dryer door. Turn on the dryer, and using a tissue goes around the door, if the tissue gets sucked into the door, you need a new seal.  Replace it right away.

Make sure the dryer is level, just like the washer it will work much better for you if it’s level.  The motor will run more efficiently.

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Dryer Repair Tips

Most asked for repair for a dryer

The dryer will not heat.

  If your dryer is not getting enough air flow, then it is not going to work very efficiently.  You could have the settings on the wrong temperature for the clothing you are drying.

  Maybe you just have too many clothes in the cycle. I’ve done that one before, only to keep restarting the load over and over until it is dried. Really, don't follow me on this, it can do harm to your dryer.

A heating element malfunction or maybe the thermal fuse can cause this problem.  If these are the case you will need to call in a repairman. 

Once again, you may consider a service contract for your dryer. It may include helping with costs, but don’t hold your breath, we may have to pick you up from the floor.

  Honestly I don’t know too many people who have ever been able to use the contract.  Do your homework and make your own decision, don’t let the store make it for you.

Washer Dryer Repair, goes hand in hand with keeping the laundry room clean.  Enjoy!

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