Laundry Room Ideas

the laundry room

Getting started with Laundry Room Ideas, can be overwhelming.

It is a room that seems to attract all of those items we no longer need or want to use.

In otherwards a depository for absolutely everything in the home. If we enter from the garage, we tend to drop our coats and hats here along with anything we have picked up during our day.

Even food gets set upon the laundry machines as you come in the door, and of course your shoes get taken off inthis room.

an extreme clean

Before we get started with  Laundry Room Ideas, lets remove everything that is not tied down or on a shelf or in a closet.

Of course anything on the floor in the closet if you have one in here needs to be removed. Get all of the surfaces in here cleared off.

It’s going to make it much easier on us if we  clean  Laundry Room Ideas. with our  bio-green clean.  it is a plant based product with no odder and can get absolutely everything clean that it touches.

I can’t say enough well about this product. I’ve been using it for some time now. This is a great opportunity to bring it in to your cleaning supply list. You will find many reasons to use this product.

But right now let’s concentrate on our Laundry Room Ideas, and what it will do for us in here. Your laundry room should be kept very clean and neat at all times.

I know this is almost impossible to accomplish, but with a little time you can get it in top shape and keep it there.

OK let’s get started. Fill your bucket with warm water and a splash of the bio green clean and add your micro cloths to the bucket. Our first step of course is to turn on the lights. Then take your cob-web brush and go over the ceiling and down the corners of the room to the baseboards.

Then go over the baseboards. If you can move out your washer and dryer, this is a good time to get that done.

If your husband or friend is around ask them to help you. Once they are removed from the wall, take your brush and go over the wall behind them and of course over the baseboards.

If your vacuum is handy, get it out and vacuum the floor behind the machines. Then take a micro cloth wring it out dry and go over all of the wires and water tubes behind the washer and dryer.

When you are done with that, wash down the floor and replace the machines back where they were.

I know this sounds extreme, but keeping this area free of dust and lint is very important to the running of both of these machines.

Take a minute to watch these two videos on Washer Dryer Repair for Laundry Room Ideas

Even if you only do this once or twice a year, it’s going to help immensely.

Cleaning it all

Now let’s change out the water and add some more of the bio green clean.

And let’s start wiping down everything in the room. If you have cabinets in here wipe them down.

You may have a folding table in here, so get that wiped down also, then turn your attention to the outside of the machines and get them wiped down.

Have a look around the room and if you have spots on the walls, possibly where your shoes were, then get that area scrubbed down.

Also look at the back door if it is in here and get it wiped down.

If there are spots that do not want to come off, then use some baking soda and some of the bio green clean and scrub them off.

Change out the water again, and look to the floor. Get it cleaned now.

You can use a scrub brush and then wipe that up with your micro cloths.

Work your way out of The Laundry Room.

Now look to the windows in here if you have them.

Take your window spray and your squeegee and wipe them down.

Edge them with a dry towel and they should shine. Our last stop in here is going to be the sink, if you have one.

Take your bio green clean and wipe out the sink and shine the Fawcett. Ok we’ve managed to get to the end line, now let’s cross over the line and finish the room. Replace all of the items you removed and your back in business.

Get ready for your next wash.

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