How To Clean Wood Floors
Maintenance, Sanding, and Refinishing

Wood Floors:

wood floors in home

How To Clean Wood Floors:

The inside of our homes seems to be going through another change.

Most of us today want our floors to be wood. They are easy to take care of and will last a very long time.

There are of course many different kinds of wood that can be used as flooring. We’re going to talk about a few of them here:

  • Maintenance of your floor
  • Sanding your floors
  • Refinishing your floors

How To Clean Wood Floors: Maintenance

Although there are many different types of wood floors, it doesn’t take rocket science to learn how to maintain them.

With just a little help, Clean Wood Floors can give you years of life and great enjoyment.

Your first step is to find out exactly what finish was used on the floor.

This determines what will be used to clean them.

If your floors were installed many years ago you can ask a restoration specialist to let you know what was used.

And what you need to use today to keep them up.

I’ve had to use many different products over the years to clean many wood floors, from vinegar to the unusual like fantastic and even turpentine.

How To Clean Wood Floors or Get it right from the start .

Make sure you are using the right product on your woods. Today most floors have a surface of poly on them and just a little care will make them shine.

However many floors from the past were finished with real wax and this does not stop moisture from getting into the wood if something is spilled on top of them.

At least once a week, go over your floors to remove the dust. Most scratches are caused from the bottom of shoes and also the moving around of your furniture. So try to keep this to a minimum.

Have people take off their shoes, and add pieces of felt to the legs of your furniture. I find that vacuuming the floors is the best way to remove the dust.

I know that today most people are in a hurry and want to go over them with a dust mop of some kind, but try to keep this down to only once in a while; these mops can scratch your floors if they catch something along the way.

So be careful and your floors will give you many years of life.  Wood Floor Designs can be challenging but very rewarding in the end. 


the easiest to clean.

just dust once or twice a week to keep up, and then use a damp cloth with water only to wipe them down. If you use soap of any kind it can leave a film over the top that makes it look cloudy.


though they are beautiful floors they do take some work to keep them up. keep the dust off and any spills take up immediately.

You can buff the floors to bring back the shine a couple of times a year, but the buildup of wax means that you will need to strip them and reseal them again.

It is never a good idea to use a wet mop on these floors. Just sweep, vacuum, or dry dust. Keep the wet to next to none.Wood Flooring Care takes you a step further.


  Today'schoice for sealing wood floors. It stays hard and is very durable. Just keep the dust off and the spills taken up right away.

And your floors will be good. Of course here too don’t use wet mops; they can leave streaks and a film over the surface.

I’ve found that by using a low pH. cleaner and then a really dry rung out mop that this will do the trick very well, and it will leave your floors in great shape.

There are many cleaners with low pH. just find one that you like.

These floors of course can take a beating, but eventually they need to be resurfaced. Sometimes just a screening will remove scratches and then a new resurface of poly can be set down. ask you’re professional exactly what you need.

How To Clean Wood Floors: Sanding

Here’s how you know when it’s time to resend your floors.

Take a spoonful of water and place it on your most heavily trafficked area. If the water just sits there, you’re just fine.

If some of it soaks into the wood, then it’s probably time to think about sanding.

You may only need to screen the floors at this point. If the entire amount of water soaks into your floor, then bring in the professionals to have them rescinded, and resealed.

Of course make sure that the finish and seal are exactly what you want. The new surfaces work much better on your woods. And they are easier to take care of.

How To Clean Wood Floors: Refinishing

The stains that are used on hard woods can look much different when applied to different types of wood, so when you are choosing your stain, take a piece of the same wood flooring that you have and try several stains to see which one you like the best.

Light, medium, and dark stains are the norm; however some are colored red or green.

Stains will dry much lighter, so you can also try an area that no one will see like the inside of your closet.

Once you’ve chosen your stain move forward and start the process of refinishing your wood floors.

Useful Resources:

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