Wood Floor Designs

the right project manager can make the difference

Wood Floor Designs can be overwhelming, but with a little knowledge, you can make it easy on yourself.  The floors are the foundation to your furnishings, so think of them in that way.

  If your home furnishings are light, then you will want dark floors. If on the other hand your furniture is dark you will want light floors. It’s very simple right?

  Let’s take a look at the whole process.  We’ll take a three bedroom ranch and come up with our Wood Floor Designs that work.   The home is traditional with flares of contemporary design throughout.

All new furnishings will be purchased.

Our home has 12 foot ceilings with moldings. There are two fireplaces one in the living room and the other in the family room both has built in bookcases surrounding them.

The kitchen and baths are very contemporary and the lighting is recessed throughout.  The windows are tall floor to ceiling with traditional panes in them. 

The dining room has built in cabinetry, and there are large patios off of the kitchen and family room.  Now that we’ve set the stage, let’s get to work on our Wood Floor Designs.

We’ll need to choose:

  • ·         A designer, an architect, or project manager, or you may choose to do all of this yourself.
  • ·         The kind of wood
  • ·         The width of the wood
  • ·         Will there be any inlays? Borders, medallions, etc.
  • ·         The color of the stain

  • ·         The finish on the floor

Wood Floor Designs:

Since the floors will be a real statement for this home, you may want to think about hiring a designer, if not that’s OK.

  If you choose to plan out the floors yourself, then you could forget about an architect.  If you choose to do it all by yourself, do your homework. 

Drawing out a plan may be easy, but being able to choose exactly the quantities of the woods that you will need can be very disarming. 

If you have inlays to deal with, that can be overwhelming to figure out.  And of course finding the right wood artisans to work with can be frustrating.,  but if your inclined to do it all yourself, get your list in hand and start to put it all down on paper for easy access.

  Once you have it in front of you, your decisions can be made in a timely manner.  Keep to your schedules.  Time is money with all of these steps. We have chosen to use a project manager for our home. 

This will ensure that everyone is on the same page and all of the work will be done in a timely manner and on budget. 

A project manager will be able to walk you through all of the steps to be done.

If you don’t make changes after starting the project, you should be finished on time. Get everything down on paper before you start your Wood Floor Designs.

  Make sure that the project manager is in step with you.  Talk about all of the steps and follow through on your end of the work.  If the manager is good everything should go as planned and the floors will be done on schedule and in budget.

The project manager should be able to help you with the estimates and the work permits.  He should also be able to help you find the right installation artisans, as well as scheduling. 

Picking the woods: 

Since we are going to refurnish the home, we decided to look at many of the woods, from oak, walnut and mahogany, to maple and pine we knew that we wanted borders as well as a design in the dining room and since the square footage was 2500 we decided to go with white oak and borders of walnut.

  Once we had decided on the kind of woods to use, it was easy to move onto the width that we wanted throughout the home.

  A three inch width was chosen and it was time to figure out exactly how much to order. 

A meeting with the installation artisans would determine exactly the amounts of the woods to purchase.  After meeting with the artisans, the borders and the design for the dining room was chosen, the plans were drawn and the measurements were then taken.

  That would decide on the amounts of the woods to purchase.  We made sure the project manager followed through with the purchase and the scheduling of the installation of the Wood Floor Designs.

  In the meantime we looked at the stains we wanted to use and finally came to a decision to keep the woods all natural.  We wanted the white oak to remain white and the walnut to be a Sharpe contrast. 

The only thing remaining would be the finish to the tops.  A high gloss was decided upon and the order was put in.  We now had a plan of action and were going forward.

  Since the woods would have to be acclimated to the temperatures it was ordered and then delivered to be set out to rest in the space for a time.

This would make it easier to work with and hopefully there would be very little warping to the woods.

The bundles were taken down and mixed so that the runs would look very natural.  The work went as planned and there were no hiccups.  The job finished on time and in budget. 

There you have it Wood Floor Designs.

Whether you are just repairing or are replacing a section of floor, keep your steps in order and follow through.

You should be just fine. If this is all a bit overwhelming to you then you might want to consider a project manager. 

There are some things to consider along the way, like venting and possibly adding radiant heat under the wood a great advantage for heating your home.

  Adding Orientals and runners will help to keep the woods in great shape. And will ground your furniture.  Remember to keep it simple but above all clean.  

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