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About Us is meant as a helpful hand in the cleaning of your home.

I am going to talk to you about all there is to know about cleaning, the products you’ll need, how best to use them, and when not to use them. We’ll talk about the fine art in your home and what the conservators have to say about keeping them clean. Of course home organization is going to be there all along. The way. Your closets will be re-organized to work for you more efficiently. And we’ll even talk about some things that no one wants to hear, like mold, how you remove it, and how can it affect our health. After thirty years of being in the business, it’s time to give back something. With About Us, My energy is now going to go into giving back to all of those that have helped me along this road. So get ready to be amazed at what we accomplish here. Don’t be afraid to ask a question along the way. Or just to make a comment about how we are doing. We look forward to hearing from you all. Thanks for visiting the site. Remember “keep it simple and above all keep it clean” Richard A. Slinde

About Me:

hello i'm Richard

As a young boy, my chores around the house consisted of washing windows, mowing the lawn and cleaning the basement. Occasionally, something else might be thrown in to keep me busy like taking out the trash. Of course my allowance encouraged me to finish up those chores in a hurry. But as a young boy, I wanted to be outside running around with my friends . We all hate the chores around the house, but know that they need to be done, even though it’s a pain in the butt. By keeping our homes and our lives on schedule, we free ourselves up for those moments that are important to us. These chores prepared me for a career later in life as a maintenance engineer for a large apartment complex outside of Chicago . Fifteen buildings were my world ! Everything from cleaning the halls to repairing frozen pipes in the winter, along with cleaning vacant units was my life. About Us, I met a very important person at this time. she and I became the best of friends. And We did everything together. When the owner of the complex decided to go condo in the late seventies, we chose to go into business together. in December, 1979 , we started our company, C and R Cleaning inc. Our first contract was the conversion of 125 buildings. We cleaned the vacant units, the hallways, the model apartments, offices, and newly restored units before move-ins were final. For over thirty years now the business has included many departments. From single units to highrises. Then there is the commercial end of the business, working for banks and developers, new construction cleaning and much more. After my partner passed in 1996 , I closed down the commercial end of the business and kept the residential end working. Life experiences have pushed me in the direction of writing down what I know will be of help to others, this is a very honest straightforward approach to cleaning your home, About Us brings tips along the way to make your life a little easier, a step by step guide to cleaning just about everything you can think of, and then some. The website has articles, videos, coupons, and just the right amount of how to, to get you through the day. Put it into your favorites and go back for more information at your leisure.. About Us can lead you into the building of your own website.

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