Vinegar Cleaning

cleaning with vinegar

Vinegar Cleaning: A multipurpose cleaner.

You can use it on literally every surface there is. It can be cut to almost non-existence when using.

It comes to us via the ages of time. Every region in the world has their own mixture that has come down through time. The Europeans made red wine vinegar, the Asians made rice vinegar, and the North Americans made an apple cider vinegar.

There are so many today that you can’t name them all. I prefer however that the North American apple cider vinegar made as an organic as the one that I use.

It doesn’t have the chemical backgrounds that many others do. And is much easier on the system.

We are here however to talk about using vinegar for cleaning. I’ve used vinegar for many years, and for many purposes. It cuts right to the heart of things while cleaning.

Of course probably the first introduction to vinegar for cleaning came as a small boy, when I learned how to clean windows with it.From there forward I have used it.

Here’s a QUICK-TIP;   Take a wash cloth and put into a bucket, add some vinegar to cover, then wring out the cloth and go around and wipe off all of your door knobs , all of the handles and pulls to drawers , windows, and especially your appliances, and yes do not forget your computer keyboard.

Did you know that there are more bacteria and germs hanging about on these surfaces,  then there is in the whole of your bathroom? It’s a fact. This should be a message sent to everyone you know.  Vinegar Cleaning, who knew it was so good for us.

It can help to keep people healthy. Of course all of the surfaces in the kitchen are wiped down with the vinegar.

Including the sink. When it comes to the Bathroom I’m always using vinegar. From spraying onto the shower doors to remove the soap scum, to using it with baking soda to clean the shower floor.

It’s also good in the tub to remove that nasty soap line that sometimes can linger there. You can even spray your toilet with vinegar to clean the outside.

And even the floor to the bathroom can use vinegar. Here’s another QUICK-TIP; Pour one cup of baking soda into each of your drains, then pour one cup of vinegar into each of them, then let them bubble until done, then run the water in each of the drains.

This will help to unclog anything that might be there, and of course can save you a lot of money on plumbers.

When it comes to the laundry room, vinegar can be used to do your laundry. If your pour one half cup into the final rinse of your load, you will brighten and remove odors from your clothing.

Many people use vinegar to spray in underarm areas of clothing before washing, because it will remove the stain and odors from them.

Of course these are just a few of the ways that vinegar is used for cleaning your home.

I’m sure you’ll come up with many more ways to use it. Now take some time out and watch this video about making your own for vinegar cleaning.

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