Dust Allergies

dust mite

Dust Allergies are usually contained within one spectrum and that is the dust mite.

These little guys like to live in your carpeting, your bedding, and even in your clothing.

We’ve all seen the pictures of these friends of man munching their way through our homes.

They like to eat discarded skin warm and humid air is their perfect world. So if you can change that one thing, it can make all the differencewith your Dust Allergies.

Just by keeping your humidity levels below 50 % you can get rid of them forever. They cannot live below this level. So strive to make that happen. By a monitor to make sure the levels stay below that number.

And you should be just fine. If your sneezing like crazy, then maybe your levels are way too high.

  Chances are the little guys are back. When it comes to your clothing, keep the door shut to your closet and that should be enough to keep them out.

I live in an area where the air is dryer so I keep a little fountain of water running to help with the humidity levels in my home. It makes all the difference. And those sore throats in the winter are now gone because of it.

If you need to put on a dust mask to dust your home, then you probably have one of these problems.

Here’s a quick tip for you. Use your bounce sheets to run them over your bedding. The little munchkins can’t stand the smell and take a walk somewhere else. It a great tip for traveling.

You can also put them into your suitcase to keep them from coming back home with you. Of course most people don’t ever have any problems from the dust mites or just plain dust in their homes.

But if you do take notice of these methods and you should be just fine. Your Dust Allergies should be able to be kept in check. Keep dusting it really can make a difference in how you feel.

Here are some steps that you can take to keep this in check.

  • Replace the carpeting in your home with wood or vynal.
  • You can buy a cover for your mattress to keep the little ones at bay 
  • Wash all of your bedding in very hot water often, especially the blankets

These three steps alone will help to get this under control for you. If you just can’t be around anything with dust, then maybe you need to hire someone who is not allergic to dust mites.

Sometimes this is the only answer for you. I have a client that is in this position. I do all I can to keep the dust in check for them.

Remember one thing when dusting, use a micro-cloth that has been rinsed in water and wrung out well.

You need something that is damp to get the dust off and not throw it around the room once you’ve taken it off.

Don’t use dry cloths to dust if you have this problem. It will only aggravate the situation. Keep dusting and have some fun doing it.

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