Dust Mites

Learn all there is to know about the dust mite

and what to do to get rid of them

Dust Mites, although they can be a problem for some, for most of us we just live with them and they never seem to bother us.

  For those with allergies, read on. What is a Dust Mite?  It’s a creature so small you can barely see them, just a couple of millimeters in size; they like to live in the carpeting, the furniture and the drapery, just to name a few.

They will live anywhere you do, because they feed off of the dead skin cells from our bodies, as well as dander.  They will also live off of the dander from animals. 

Dust Mites cannot live in a temperature of 20 degrees or with the humidity at the 50 % level.  They cannot breed under these circumstances.  The male only lives for a month and the female goes as long as two months.

The one thing to remember here is that the proteins that are emitted create a reaction in us that is histamine; this then is the cause for runny eyes, coughing, and so on.  Who knew Dust Mites would be such fun to have around.

Their colonies can grow to be quite large.  Sometimes as many as up to a million like in your mattress.

If conditions are perfect, they will breed, and breed, and breed.  If you think your pillow is getting heavier, then maybe it is. 

They can over a period of time cause the weight to change. So maybe the heft to your pillow isn’t a good thing. You may want to throw it into a very hot bath to kill the Dust Mites.

Even your mattress can have weight added to it.  Over a ten year period, the mattress weight can double.  Who doesn’t like Dust Mites remnants to be left behind as they go about their business?

  Just keep washing all of your bedding in very hot water and you should be just fine. 

If you are frequently waking up, or you have an itchy nose, or a sore throat, you may have an infestation of Dust Mites; get ready to kick them out.  Pour hot water all over them, and let them know that they are not wanted. 

Here Are the Six Ways to Get Rid Of Them

  • Wash your bedding in hot water, a temperature above 55
  • Add an additive to your laundry detergent for Dust Mites, you can find these at health stores
  • A mattress cover as well as pillow covers
  • Children’s stuffed toys can be placed into the freezer for up to 48 hours or just wash them in very hot water.
  • Keeping the humidity below 50 %, if you live in a very humid space, then the use of a de-humidifier will do the job.
  • Keep the temperature lower in the bedroom, as well as do not make the bed first thing in the morning, let the blankets air out dry before making the bed.

There you have it all you ever wanted to know about the Dust Mites in your home


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