Cleaning Bathroom

the bathroom

When you're finished Cleaning Bathroom, the room should sparkle.

No one wants to walk into this space when it’s not clean and odor free.

So let’s make that our goal here.

It’s not really all that hard to do.

You already have the supplies you’ll need, anything else we can get from the kitchen or the laundry room.

Our first step of course is to turn on the lights. Cleaning Bathroom cannot take place when the lights are out.  You can’t see the dirt!

Getting the room ready for our cleaning is number one.  That  means getting your bathroom organization started.

Your Steps

  • Cleaning Bathroom begins by placing a towel on the floor outside of the room's door.
  • Remove all items from the bathroom to the towel
  • Everything on the vanity
  • Everything on the toilet top
  • Remove all items from the bathtub, this includes all toys from the kids
  • Remove all items from the shower, this includes the floor mat if you have one
  • Remove all carpets from the floors, remove all towels from the room. Anything on the walls can stay, unless you feel you must remove them.  Now you're ready to start your Cleaning Bathroom.

Helpful Hints

  • While you are Cleaning Bathroom, and if you have a window in this room, open it for fresh air and circulation.   It will help immensely.
  •  Fill your sink with some hot water and a splash of the powdered detergent.  Get it dissolved and add your micro fiber cloth. Ring it out and start by looking up.
  • All cleaning starts at the top of the room.  Look for the webs and dust on light fixtures, then start to clean everything else.


Remember a good cleaning schedule doesn't leave anything out.

Every room starts at the top and ends at the bottom.

Lighting The Way

If you have a light fixture above the mirror in your bath, wipe it clean, and then return your cloth to the sink and wring it out again, then wash down your mirrors.

You can let the cloth retain some water,  and then use your squeegee to remove the water top to bottom.

Use a dry towel to wipe the edges dry. Here’s a good hint while Cleaning Bathroom.


When using the squeegee, keep the rubber edge wet.

That will stop the streaking.

One More Time

Return your cloth to the sink and wring out well.

Wipe down the towel bars and hooks.

If you have a makeup mirror that is attached to the wall, now is the time to clean this.


Let the water out of the sink and refill again with hot water and some of the powdered detergent.

You don’t need a lot of the powder,  it goes a very long way while Cleaning Bathroom.


Add your cloth to the sink, then place it on the top of the vanity and get the top totally immersed in the hot water.

Be sure to get the faucet as well.  You will be able to feel the top as you go.

If there are any built up spots from toothpaste or hairspray, keep going over them until they have been removed.

Let the water out of the sink, then turn on the water and rinse out the cloth and dry the top off.  Remove all of the water.  Refill the sink and add some of the powdered detergent.  Add your cloth and wring dry.

Wipe down the outside of the vanity, all sides and doors, and drawers. If there are handles of any kind do them now.

If you've done the Cleaning Bathroom right, this part of it should be done and looking great.


Your Steps

  • Flush the toilet.  If you have gloves, this is a good time to put them on.
  • Add some of the powdered detergent to the bowl, a  splash of the Lysol and mix it up well.
  • Add your cloth and go around the inside of the bowl, then remove your cloth and go over the entire toilet from top to bottom.
  • Get it all wet and be sure to go around the base of the toilet and the floor surrounding it.
  • Flush again and add more of the Lysol.
  • Add your cloth and wring out well.
  • Start at the top and wipe down the entire outside of the toilet. This includes around the base, while Cleaning Bathroom.

Another Helpful Hint

Here’s a helpful hint when it comes to doing the floor.

The bathroom floor is usually a drop zone for the hair we lose.

Before doing any part of the floor, spray with some of your Mrs. Meyer’s and then use some toilet paper to remove the hairs from the floor.  Flush the hair away.

It helps to keep our cloths free of hair, and so much easier to use.  When you are done, take the cloths that you have used so far and put them in a bag.

Don’t use again until they have been washed.  Think about all of the guests who use this area of your home.  Use this Cleaning Bathroom Checklist to help keep this room clean.


While Cleaning The Room

  • If your tub surround is all mirrors, then do those first.  Use your window cleaner and your squeegee for this job.
  • Put the stopper in the tub and add some hot water.   Put in some of the powdered detergent.
  • By now you’re asking yourself, why all of this powdered detergent? Here’s your answer.
  • Powdered  detergent is filled with enzymes.  Those little buggers   munch through just about everything, leaving it clean when they are done.  A cleaner’s secret for many years.
  • Take a new cloth and add to the tub.   Use to go around the tub interior, keeping it very wet.  The hot water and the enzymes will eat right through that ring around the tub.
  • Rinse the interior out and have a good look.  If you still have something attached to the inside tub,  then use some nonabrasive cleaner to remove it.
  • Soft scrub is good but you can also use some baking soda.  They both work.  The Cleaning Bathroom is probably looking good by now.


If you have a floor mat for the shower, put the stopper in the tub, add some hot water along with a cup of bleach, then add the Matt and let it soak until we are done cleaning the shower.   When you need it, rinse it off and put it back in the shower.


Usually the most dreaded part of the bathroom, it contains the worst the bathroom has to offer.

From mold and mildew to lime scale and dirty grout, this is the main event for this room.

Let's Get Started

  • If you have a hand held shower, then turn it on and get all of the walls and doors wet.  If not then use your plastic cup to do this.
  • Take your bucket and fill halfway with very hot water.  Add a half cup of the powdered detergent, along with the scrub brush and start at the top of the shower walls, one at a time, working your way all around the walls.
  • Go over the doors as well.  Be sure to scrub the floor too while Cleaning Bathroom.
  • Rinse everything down and have a good look.   If it's not clean, then go over it again, repeating the same process.
  • If you have spots that need to be removed like mold, then use your Tilex mildew cleaner, spray the area and then scrub with the brush. Rinse well.
  • If the doors have a lime film over them, then use some vinegar and baking soda and scrub.  Rinse thoroughly and look to see if they are clean.  If not repeat the same process again.
  • If your walls and base still have some mildew, then spray with the Tilex and leave it alone. It needs to work its magic.
  • Even your chrome should be shinning.  Keep the Tilex away from any  chrome pieces.  It can stain them.   Be sure to spray the floor,  to keep it free of mold.
  • If you don’t have doors on your shower, but use a shower curtain, it is a good practice to make sure that the curtain is fully closed when done cleaning to help keep mold and mildew to a minimum.
  • You should wash your curtain at least once a week.  Even if it's plastic it needs to be washed to keep shampoo residue off.  Wow!  We’re almost there.


Remove the towels from the dryer, and fold or rehang.


  • Place your carpets in the dryer, as you did with the towels.
  • One by one return everything to the bathroom.   But before you do, make sure that everything has been washed.  You can use the sink for this job.  Fill with hot water, add some Lysol and start washing all of the pieces.
  • Place a towel on the vanity top and after washing, place the items on  top.  Wash everything, then return them to their places.
  • If you have toys for the kids, clean them by using a gallon of warm water with a half cup of vinegar, rinse and dry.  Remove the towel when done and dry out the sink.
  • Take your bottle of Mrs. Meyer’s and spray a section of the floor and  wipe with paper towels.   Remember we’re removing the hair from the floor.  If you choose to use your vacuum, now would be the time to use your attachments.  Either way, it gets the hair up.
  • Fill the bucket with hot water and add some Lysol, washing the floor a section at a time, drying as you go.  Take the towel to the laundry room and add to the wash.
  • Remove the carpets from the dryer and return them to the bathroom floor.  You’re done.
  • That wasn’t so hard now was it?


Maybe once a month, take a cup of baking soda and a cup of vinegar, and add to each drain in your bathroom.  Let stand for about ten minutes and then rinse thoroughly.  This helps to keep the pipes clear of all of the oils and other build ups in the pipes.

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