Clean Grout

Tile Grout Cleaning

Clean Grout although time consuming is a project that is very rewarding in the end.  There really isn’t much to the process.  You can keep up with this job by getting it done at least once a month.

  If you have high traffic areas you may want to Clean Grout more than once a month, maybe every couple of weeks will make sense to you. 

Here’s What You Will Need

A bucket

A pair of gloves

A pair of knee pads

A stiff brush

A good cleaning product, something like Baking Soda, or Oxy-Clean will work just fine.

Put on your knee pads, add your gloves, and place some water into your bucket.  Not too much because you are going to make a paste out of the  mixture.

  Using either product, the Baking Soda, or the Oxy-Clean, add to your bucket of water and mix into a paste.

  Add the paste to your grout lines by taking a section of the floor at a time.  Let the paste sit for about five or ten minutes, then use your scrub brush to go over the lines until once again you have clean grout lines.. 

When you are done rinse the area and move onto the next section. 

When you are finished, let the floor dry for at least forty-eight hours before adding a grout sealer to the floor.

  You don’t have to do this, but it can help to keep dirt and food products from soaking into the grout and causing you to clean it once again.

  Follow the manufacturer’s directions and do not waivers from them or you may find that you’ve done all that work for nothing. 

Here’s a Great Tip there is a product out there that I use called Bio-Green Clean, it is plant based and will munch its way through just about anything.

  If you spray this onto your grout lines and let it sit for a bit, then go over it with a stiff brush, you’ll find the dirt comes right off. Just rinse and go.

If you find that your grout is cracking and pieces are starting to come away from your tiles, you may need to have the grout re-surfaced.

  Take a look here at the process, pay attention to the kind of grout being used here.  The distance between the tiles makes all the difference in the kind to use.

Enjoy your floors and remember to keep it simple, but above all clean.

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