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keeping it simple but above all clean

House Cleaning Tips brings to you every step you will need to clean each room in you home.  Follow along, it's easy and fun. 

As I’ve said before, cleaning is not rocket science, but it does take some science to get us there.

Your Supplies

  • · A good two gallon bucket
  • · A bottle of Lysol disinfectant cleaner, yellow

  • · A bottle of bio-green clean
  • · A bottle of Mrs. Meyers all-purpose cleaner
  • · A bottle of window cleaner, your choice
  •    A bottle of tilex mildew cleaner
  • · A sponge with scratch side attached
  • · A cup for rinsing down the showers and tubs
  • · A container of powdered detergent your choice
  • · A fluffy for cob-webs
  •     A squeegee for windows and mirrors
  •      A good scrub brush
  • · Micro-cloths for dusting and washing 
  • · A good vacuum with attachments, either connected to or separate from vacuum.

 There are many other cleaners out there, but this is what I’m using right now.

Good Info

I tend to change off as necessary, and am always trying something new. There is always an easier faster method, but sometimes that’s not the best way to clean your home.

Of course don’t be afraid to try something else, because it may work for you. There are many other pieces to your rooms that will also need attention.

Like silver, brass, copper, crystal, bronze, acrylic, and many more. These will each need their own cleaners. We will get to them later.

First let’s journey through House Cleaning Tips room by room.

Find Your Room

I’ve set this up so that you can easily find the room you would like to clean, just click on the room and it will take you there.

Read through the information on the room, then go back and follow the steps I’ve outlined and clean your room. I promise it won’t take long to get your routine down, and that of course will save you a great deal of time to spend on yourself.

Finding The Rhythm

Remember that every home has a rhythm to it when it comes to cleaning. You may want to start upstairs if you have a two story home, or you may want to start at one end of the home and work towards the other end.

Feel your way through the clean. And repeat the same process each time. House Cleaning is all about repetition, and of course remember That way you are not forgetting anything in your rooms.

Your Guide

House Cleaning Tips is your guideline, your routine needs to be your own. Once you have the rhythm of the house down, it will only take a few hours to do the whole house.

Get Started, Choose Your Room










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