Teens Bedroom

Jumping Into The Deep End

the teens bedroom

Well here we are. The Teens Bedroom

Standing outside of the door looking at the sign that says, “KEEP OUT ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK’.Are you ready?

If you have your hip boots on, it’s time to brave it open the door and enter.I’m sure your teenager is looking at you like have you lost your mind? But that’s ok.

Enter anyway. your goal here is to keep your home organization in check. Of course the first thing to do is turn on the lights.

Go over and open up the window and get some fresh air into The Teens Bedroom . Have a good look around. here's a great cleaning tip.

If it’s really messy, pull out the garbage bag and start filling it up with everything on the floor that is not clothing.Set it aside.Now fill a bag with all of the clothing that needs to be washed, including the bedding and take them to the laundry room.

Start your first load, and return to the teens bedroom 1. Open the closet and return all of those items that belong there.If the floor is covered with clothing you may want to wash some of them, if so then add them to the laundry you are washing.

If there are pieces that need to go to the cleaners, then add them to your bag for cleaning.

This is a good thing to do, not only in the teens bedroom 1,but in every room that you clean.  A bag for washing and a bag for the cleaners that you can drop off when it’s full.

OK. Now let’s look around the room and pick up all of those items that belong in the trash. Old papers, magazines, food items, etc. Add them to your garbage bag and remove them from the room.

Make sure all surfaces have been cleared of all items that do not belong and put them back where they do belong. We’re almost ready to start the cleaning of The Teens Bedroom.

Have another look around the room. see if there is anything that you may have forgotten. use all of these cleaning tips. they will make your life a lot easier when it comes to cleaning and home organization.

If everything is off the floor in the closet and the room, and all of the surfaces have been cleaned off, look under the bed and remove all of those items that do not belong there. We made it.

It’s time to actually do some cleaning. Let’s go.

Dusting and Removing Cob-webs

Using your cob web brush, go around the top of the room and remove all of the webs.  Besure to check the lights in the room for webs, as well as all of the corners and baseboards.

You can also use your cob web brush to go over your walls and remove the dust and webs .  Anyone having allergies wil understand exactly what i'm saying here. 

 Give your teen a break if they are helping you out here. I think i just heard  you laughing, anyway if they are,  this site is greatfor school work and leisure activities.the teens Bedroom

in fact this may keep them busy while you're getting their room put into order.

If your teen has posters on the walls, its best to go over the entire wall with the fluffy removing all of the dust and webs that may be there. You might even be able to get them to remove a couple of them for you.

But don’t hold your breath.You might pass out waiting.This is also a good time to go through the closet removing webs and dust.

The Main Event

Teens Bedroom,

Let’s get our bucket filled with some warm water and some of the powdered detergent.

Add your micro cloths and start on one wall and work your way around the room wall by wall, wiping everything you come across.

This is going to include all cabinets, drawers, and shelving. Be sure to pay close attention to the headboard and side tables if you have them. And of course the bed itself. Wipe down the frame, side boards, and foot boards. Don’t miss anything, cleaning all of the bedroom furniture for teens is very important.

Change out the water when you need to. And continue to go around the room washing everything. Get all of the pieces on the tops of the dressers, side tables, and headboards.

Don’t forget to wipe down all of the photos and art hanging on the walls. If you have built in shelving, be sure to wipe down the insides of the shelf’s as well as any articles that are sitting on them.

Turn your attention to the bedding. Place clean sheets on the bed and after washing the blankets and comforters, return them to the bed along with any pillows that belong there.

If there is a desk in the room, wipe it clean and then place everything back where it belongs, after they have all been wiped

Trim And Windows

You’ll probably need to change out the bucket several times in this room. You might want to go over the closet floor if they are wood.

So do that now. When you’re done, fill the bucket again and then go over all of the trim and doors in the room. Be sure to wipe down the door knobs very good.

If you’re feeling up to it washing the windows is a good idea as you go through each one of your rooms. However you may have someone that does this for you.

Look to the floors now. If you have wood, then vacuum them down real good, including under the bed. Then refill your bucket, and fill with some of the powdered detergent.

And start washing down the floors from one of the furthest corners of the room, and then work your way out to the door.

Of course if you have carpeting in this room, you’ll want to vacuum starting in a far corner of the room and working side to side moving out of the room. Be sure to turn off the lights as you leave.

Your teenager probably won’t notice a thing, but you’ll know there well for another week or so. Who knew that would be so much fun. Return all of the washed clothing to their rightful places, and move onto the next room. The baby’s bedroom.

Your Teens Bedroom

Do you have a great story to tell ? Most of us just want to put a lock on the door and pretend it really isn't there, but if you venture past the sign that says, "ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK" sometimes it's just comical how they live in there mess. Share your story with all of us and send pictures if possible so we get an idea of the before and after of cleaning their room.

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