Spring Cleaning Tips

The Spring Clean

Bringing Home The Gold

Spring Cleaning Tips,Here comes the fun. Remember that not everything needs to be accomplished in one day with your Spring Cleaning Tips.

Take your time and do one project a week or every other week - whatever works for you. None of this is written in stone.

It can be changed constantly if need be. Just remember, if you keep your house, it will keep you. So let’s get started, and cross that bridge into the great unknown.

The very first step we need to take is to figure out just what you need to do for a spring clean:

  •  Let’s eliminate all of the regular cleaning we do, and concentrate on the parts of the house that need our attention one or more times during the year.
  •  Each room will have something that needs to be done, so start by listing each room and then list what needs to be done. For our purposes here, I’m going to use the average home we clean.
  •  We’ll go room by room, put together out list, and start our cleaning.Before we get started I want to talk to you about putting together a folder that will hold a schedule for the house spring clean.
  • If items in many rooms are bundled together imagine the extension to your free-time. The following is an example for you to work off.

The Spring Clean List

  •  Have all bedding and window treatments sent out for cleaning. There are many companies that will pick up and deliver and re-hang your drapery ,or blinds, so look into this to save time.
  •  Schedule time to have all of the windows and screens washed
  •  Schedule time to have all walls washed.
  •  Schedule time to have all hardwood floors, tile and stone floors cleaned and resealed.

This is a good start for you. Work off this list and add your own items to be done. There are services for almost anything you want to have done these days so talk to your friends and see whom they’ve used.

If everything is scheduled properly you can be done with your home in about two weeks. It will take longer to get back oriental carpets, drapery and blinds but if you get them out before you get started and schedule in a timely manner, you can be done quickly. Let’s get started with our clean.

If you are looking to do all of the work yourself, then have a look at my book Domestic Olympics.Absolutely everything you will ever need to know about your spring clean is in this book.

It will take you through your home one room at a time, listing exactly what you need to do for a spring clean in that room. Spring Cleaning Tips can make your life much easier just by following along with the easy steps in the book.

I have put together a Spring Cleaning Tips Schedule for you. Just follow along and check off your progress as you go through your home.

The list is suggestive, and by no means the absolute. Remove items or add them as you see fit. Only you know your home and what it needs. If you are looking for more information on what to do yearly in your home check this link out.

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