Washing Walls

Removing Stains And Washing Walls

Washing Walls can be overwhelming to the novice, but it really isn’t that hard to do. 

It does take some time however, and patience. If you keep to a schedule, you’ll be just fine. The steps are very simple to follow.  You’ll find yourself going around the room very quickly once you get your routine down.

  Of course once or twice a year is a good idea.  Of course the accidental spill or splash on to your walls can be easily removed with very little work.

  There are two trains of thought when it comes to cleaning your walls.  I’m going to talk about both of them; you try each one and see what works for you the best.  Ready?

What You Will Need

Rubbing Alcohol

Cotton Swabs

Rubber Gloves



Paint Brush

Stain Blocking Primer

Sand paper

Paint Scraper



Removing stains from your walls really only takes a few steps

1.       Take the sand paper and rub over the area that is stained. If you need to use your scraper, then this is the time to put it to work.

2.       Open the can of Stain Blocking Primer and stir it thoroughly. Then add your brush and paint over the stain.

  It should take only about thirty minutes to dry.

  Then use your own paint to match what you have on the walls and the stain will be gone permanently.  Do this to all affected areas.

Removing dirt and grease

1.       Put your gloves on, and fill your bucket with one gallon of warm water.

  Add the tri sodium phosphate according to the directions and stir well.  Add your sponge and start Washing Walls.

  I’ve used this product for years, and can tell you it really works well.

  The only thing to remember here is really make sure you have your gloves on and when you’re done washing the walls, don’t just wipe them dry, rinse them down then wipe them dry.

  It works better this way.  Your walls will be very clean when you are done.  It’s a good idea to go over the whole wall with this mixture, not just spotting.  Have Fun.

Markers and Pens

Use your cotton swabs and Alcohol to remove any marks on the walls from marker and pens.  Just get the swabs very wet with the alcohol and go over the affected areas.  


Here’s a great tip:  if you have crayons on the walls, you can use your hair dryer to heat up the wax and then remove it from the walls with a dry towel, just blot it up as you heat the car

Now that we have taken care of the stains, let's wash the entire wall.

You Will Need

Tri Sodium Phosphate

Rubber Gloves

2 Gallon Bucket


Lots of dry towels


1.       Pull all furniture away from the walls.  You can do one wall at a time if need be. 

2.       Place the towels along the baseboards

3.       Fill the bucket with a gallon of warm water and some of the Tri Sodium Phosphate.  Mix well and add your sponge to the mix.

4.       Start washing the walls from the baseboards to the ceiling.  Do a section at a time.  Don’t worry about the dripping, by the time you get to the top most of the dripping will be done.  Then all you need do is rinse the walls and dry them thoroughly.

5.       Move onto the next section and keep going around the room until you have finished all of the walls.  You’re done.  I’ll bet they look great.  Enjoy!

Don't forget to wash the baseboards, molding, and any trim in the room. you'll be glad you did.  Enjoy.

Washing Walls and Spring Cleaning go hand in hand, get tips here.

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