Clearing Clutter

Getting Rid Of The Clutter

Clearing Clutter, How many times were you told growing up to pick up your room and put your things away where they belong?

If you were like me, a lot. But eventually I managed to get it done.

When Clearing Clutter becomes our life, we’ve crossed over into the twilight zone.

I t doesn’t take a lot of time to walk through your home and pick up everything and return them to their rightful places.

This can be accomplished with very little trouble by using a laundry basket.

All you need do is walk through your home room by room and pick up everything you see that does not belong in that room and place it in the basket.

When full, place all of those items back where they belong and continue until the whole house has been done.

This is a great job for one of your children. It teaches them how to keep their spaces picked up and in order.

What I consider clutter, may not be clutter to you. We all have our limits, and they change throughout our lives. Right now I have no tolerance for any clutter in my life, so my home is really in order right now.

There are days though that I do not want to pick anything up.

I’m sure you know the feeling. On those days, we just let it all ride and hope it doesn’t get out of control on us.

And if it does, a day set aside for Clearing Clutter is put into motion.

My schedule these days is taken up by work, building this web-site, and doing some marketing of my book.

You can see that I don’t have a lot of time to myself, so keeping the house in order is a very good thing for me.

We all have that one thing that makes us feel that our homes are clean. For me, it’s clean windows, and having everything in its place.

Here are a few steps you can take to keep your clutter under control.

 When you take off your coat, hang it back up. If you remove your shoes, then place them into a basket and put them into your coat closet.

  • When you bring in the mail, throw out the items you do not need, then place all of the bills and items you want to go through into a basket. This makes it easy for you on the day you pay your bills. It also keeps everything neat and in order for you.
  • When you’re done reading the newspaper or your favorite magazine, throw them out or place into a container for easy access at a later time.

  • Place your dirty laundry into a basket, and place in the laundry room when full. This also works for your bathroom towels.
  • Empty your trash containers when full.
  • If you have little ones, then you understand the meaning of using a basket to pick up all of the toys.

Using just one or several of these ideas can make a world of difference to the clutter in your home.

Add your own ideas to the list and help to make your life a little bit easier.

Of course we will all have days that we just don’t want to do anything around the house, but when you have the time to use any of these steps, and then clearing clutter  can be made easy .Happy clearing.

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