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The Home Office

home office ideas

The home office Ideas make it a multifunctional space today.

Its uses encompass everything from doing homework to running a small business.

For some a home office is a small desk in the kitchen, or maybe a closet that has been refitted for office use, or maybe your one of the lucky ones that have an extra room in their home that can be turned into office space.

Whatever you may have, keeping it clean and in order is primary for optimum use. We will talk to you here about not just keeping your office clean, but also keeping it organized. Just what are our first steps?

  •  Choosing a suitable space
  •  Getting the technology right
  •  The furniture you’ll need
  •  Getting organized
  •  Keeping it clean
  • Tax write-off, yes or no

Choosing A Suitable Space

small home office idea

This is primary to any Home Office Ideas.

Our lives are so busy today, that finding a space where we can be alone and quiet to work is getting very hard to accomplish, and to make it even harder on us, the spaces we live in today are much smaller and do not allow for a dedicated home office.

Your circumstances of course will dictate just where you will be placing your office.

If you live alone, and don’t plan on entertaining clients in your office, you can place it just about anywhere you like.

Here are some Home Office Ideas that may work for you.

In the kitchen or in the bedroom or maybe a converted closet will work.

If you have the extra room that can be converted into your office, and that works for you, then go ahead and start putting that together or maybe you have a basement with a corner that you can turn into your office.

Just make sure that any space you choose can accommodate all of your needs.

Your Home Office Ideas make a difference in how the space works, so put your creative mind to use here. It will pay off in the end.

Getting The Technology Right

home office technology

One of the most important Home Office Ideas is that your office cannot operate today without technology, so the basics are in order here.

A computer, a copier, printer, and image, along with a scanner.

And a phone system is your beginning. Then you can start to add any tech that you may need for your business.

This may include recording equipment of all kinds, both voice and video.

Or any other kind of equipment that has anything to do with your business like a shredder. And if you’re someone like me, you will need all manner of tech to help you read.

I am visually challenged and need digital magnifiers, Intel readers, and magnifying equipment.

I also have a program for my computer that enlarges and reads to me.

So whatever your circumstances are be sure when it comes to Home Office Ideas, that you have the entire tech you will need to run your office.

There are experts out there that can help you set up the office technology for you and they can help with the servicing of that equipment.

Make sure you have service for your entire tech.

You never know when you’re going to be down and unable to work, so be prepared for those times.

You can do like me and get a lap-top with an air card so that if anything happens to your computer you can still work.

With the right technology your office can run smoothly.

check out the resources page for all of your tech.

the furniture you'll need

home office furniture ideas

Now that your space has been decided upon and your technology is in the works, it’s time to think about the furniture that you’ll need to make this all work.

The basics for you Home Office Ideas are of course are a desk, a chair, a file cabinet, and a couple of shelf's.

Anything else can be added if you need too.

If you need seating for clients, then add that.

If you need storage for your technology, then add that.

If you are turning a whole room into your office, you may be using a decorator to get that done so all along the way you will need to be choosing the pieces you want in your office.

Whatever the case is don’t buy furniture you don’t need. Keep it clean and fresh.

Simplicity is best with your furniture picks.

Let’s not forget about the lighting when it comes to Home Office Ideas, for all of this you can’t work without it.

A great desk lamp is very important.

Mine is made especially for those of us with visual problems, it casts a full spectrum of light that reduces the strain to your eyes, and is very good when doing anything close-up. Pick lighting that works best for you.

It can make all the difference to the production that comes out of your office.

Getting Organized

home office storage ideas

Here we are, it’s time to stock the shelf's and fill the bins with all of the products that you’ll need to run your office, the fun side of Home Office Ideas.

Getting it organized is very important to making your office run smoothly.

If your right handed then you want to make sure that everything you need can be reached with your right hand.

Anything that is very important needs to be close to you, you need to be able to reach for it in a flash.

Anything not so important can be further from your reach.

Files can be color coded for easy access, and make sure that your pens pencils, stapler and paper clips are close at hand and neatly organized.

Keep the surface of your desk clean so that you can work when you need to.

Keep all liquids removed if possible, or at least removed far enough from the computer that no damage can come from spilling.

Of course that leads us into the cleaning of your office.

Keeping It Clean

cleaning your home office

It is best of course to clean as you go, but most of us rarely have the time to make this happen so we wait a while then attempt to do it all at once.

This never really works, but we do make a try of it. Here are some steps to help you through keeping it clean.

All Great Home Office Ideas.

  •  Pick up as you go: in otherwards as you finish a project, put everything back where it belongs. This makes it much easier to find and use the next time.

  •  At the end of your work day, clean off your desk top. This means put everything back where it belongs. Don’t leave anything out. This includes paper, pens, and folders with projects in them. File everything back where it belongs.
  •  Remove all of the trash to its rightful place.
  •  Use a micro cloth and wipe down your desk top and equipment to remove any dust.
  •  Set your project papers out for the next day’s work.

If you make these steps part of your daily routine in your office, it will be so much easier to give the space a good clean once a week.

That means wash everything down, remove the trash, and vacuum if you have carpeting and if not wash down the floors.

Here’s a really good tip for you. When a group of CEO's were asked about promoting their employees, 54 out of 55 said that the person with the cleanest desk was always the one to be promoted.

It showed them how organized they were and what they would bring to their offices and the company. Think about it. Here's your cleaning products list for The Home Office Ideas.

Tax Write-Off Yes Or No

You’ve found your space, bought the technology you need, and the furniture for working.

You’ve organized and cleaned and now you need to know something that you will be asking yourself every time you have Home Office Ideas.

Can I write this office off on my taxes? You will need to of course speak with your accountant, but here are some hints to help you through

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