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The Home Office Videos are worth the time to check out.  Of course this is only the beginning , and more will be added later.  The first one is on taxes, take some time to take all of this in.  It will give you all of the necessary pieces to writing off your Home Office Organization. 

There are many sides to the tax issue.  For years i've tried to figure the tax code out, but never seem to get their when it comes to my home office. 

Their are many deductions that you think will be allowed, and then you will run into the code, and you learn that they are not allowed . Trying to figure this out is very time consuming, and you may want to leave it all to your accountant. 

Learning the basics however is your job.  Don't give it up, you may find that you like the work, and even better, you may find more deductions that your accountant missed.  Don't think that they don't miss anything.  Sometimes in the last days of doing taxes for everyone of their clients, they become hurried, and do not find everything . 

So be vigilant, keep them on their tows, and get them to do exactly what you need them to do.  Find a way to write off all of your expenses. I know that can be overwhelming for some, but work hard at it, and you will surprise yourself I'm sure.

The other video deals with The Home Office Organization.  Pay close attention to this one, it will give you tips and storage ideas for your office.  There are ways to run your office very efficiently. 

Many of them are listed in this video.  I wonder if you realize that by placing items on your desk in a certain pattern can increase your productivity, it can, who knew.

There are ways to get more done in the day. Time management is very critical to running The Home Office, it just makes good sense to organize it in a way the will work for you best.

Have fun watching and adapt them to your own Home Office Organization..

1. Taxes: can i write my home office off on my tax return?

2. Office Organization


The Resources listed below give you a head start into managing The Home Office.  They are each an integral part of running it more efficiently.

You will find that each one has limits on your pocket book.  Get what you need to begin, and add the others as you go.

1.  AT&T Small Business Telephones

check with your local store or on-line

2. computers:


Hewlett Packard


check with your local stores or on-line

3. Printers: Shredders: and all office supplies :

Office Max

check with local stores or on-line

4. Video and Sound:

BSS Audio and Visual

on-line stores

5. Office furniture:




all on-line stores unless you are lucky enough to have them nearby

Useful Resources:

Home Office Organization, recommended reading from the library, book #15

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