How To Clean Upholstrey

 How To Clean Upholstrey  should be part of your Spring Cleaning, follow along with these easy steps and be amazed at how easy it really is. 

 This video shows the four steps involved with cleaning your upholstery, demonstrated by a professional.

Of course you can do all of this yourself, if you have the equipment and chemicals to make it happen.

Even if you do not want to do this type of cleaning yourself, there are some very good tips in this video. 

Let’s talk about the four steps to How To Clean Upholstrey


Thoroughly vacuum the furniture.  This means don’t just go over it to remove the top dust.

  What it means is to do a deep vacuum to remove as much of the dirt as possible.  Furniture covered in material becomes a very large filtering system to your home. 

All of the dust floating around settles onto your upholstery, and when you sit upon it, you grind the dust right into the material.  This can change the color to your furniture and break down the fibers in the material.

  This of course eventually leads to a small tare in the fabric, and now you’re on your way to possibly having to recover the piece.

You can save yourself this expense when How To Clean Upholstrey, if you want to challenge yourself, place a napkin on the end of the hose before you place the tool onto it.  When you’re done vacuuming, check to see just how clean your furniture really is. 

You can remove all of the dust, just take your time, and of course vacuum more frequently.

Wash Pre-Condition and Shampoo

Of course before starting How To Clean Upholstrey, you will need to check with the manufacturer of your furniture to see what they recommend you clean it with.

There are many solvents around today that will do the job very well.  There are also solvents that will destroy your furniture, so be very certain that what you are using is right. 

Once you have the right mix, using a sprayer to add it to your furniture is a very good idea. Just place towels down to catch any of the spray that may drip from the material.

  Once you are finished with this step, Use the shampoo recommended by your manufacturer and brushes it into the material. This will help to loosen the deep ground in dirt and oils from your body.


Rinsing is very important, it removes the dust, dirt, and oils as well as the shampoo from the material. It takes place by using a machine that extracts these compounds out. 

A power head fitted with a sprayer is used for this. As the extractor removes the dust and dirt, it sprays clear water ahead of the extraction, this helps to remove the dirt and shampoo.

Once everything has been extracted, the furniture will be partially dry...  Now is the time to add any protectors to your material.  Just spray over the furniture lightly.


Now that the furniture has been thoroughly cleaned it’s time to let it dry.  As it does it will return to its former like new condition, this may take as long as four or five hours. Enjoy!

How To Clean Upholstrey is another Spring Cleaning task.

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