Oriental Carpet Cleaning

How To Clean An Oriental Carpet

Oriental Carpet  Cleaning is quite a long process if done properly. That’s why I have added these videos to the mix.

  They will take you step by step through the process of cleaning a carpet.  Since most of us don’t have anywhere to wash down hang to dry and repair anything that may need touching up, it’s nice to know exactly what is being done to our carpets to make them clean.

  You can of course ask the company that will do the work for you to allow you to watch while the work is being done. 

However since the process is so long it’s easier to watch the videos. Oriental Carpet Cleaning has been going on since the beginning of time.  In the beginning the carpets were put into rivers to let the water run over them and clean all of the dirt out.

  There are places today that still honor this process, but most people wouldn’t want to take the time that it involves to go through the whole process. 

Imagine having to hang the carpet over some branches outside to dry.  How long do you think that would take? 

Probably days, and then you’d pray for good weather the whole time. Let’s talk about the process and how it all gets accomplished.

Here Are the Steps

Once the carpet arrives at the cleaning station, it is rolled out completely, and then vacuumed on both sides. It is very important to get as much of the dust out as possible before Oriental Carpet Cleaning begins.  

It is then placed on an incline cement trough with a drain at one end.  The idea is to lay the carpet out flat on the surface so it can be flooded with water on both sides, once this is done a machine with cleaners goes over the carpeting removing the dirt and any pet stains that may be there.

It’s important to remember that only certain cleaners should be used on your oriental carpets.  They are made specifically for that purpose. 

This is another good reason not to clean them yourself. Once the Oriental Carpet Cleaning has taken place with the right soaps and the right brushes on the machine, it’s then time to turn the carpet over and do the other side making sure that even the tasseled edges have been cleaned, to perfection.

The carpet is then turned back over and looked at again for any pet spots or damage.  If there are pet stains, then they are worked out of the carpet.  If there is damage to the carpet like strings that have come loose or maybe damage from a cigarette. 

This is the time to make the arrangements for getting them repaired.

The carpets are now thoroughly rinsed down both sides and then a brush attached to a hose of clear cold water goes over the entire carpet removing all of the rest of the soap. 

From here the carpet goes into a machine that will spin the rest of the water out of it.  The carpet can then be placed down on the pad to have its nap brought back up. 

Once this is done the carpet can be hung to dry.  Which will probably take a few hours? 

This is the time to make any of the repairs that might be needed.  The specialist required for the work may have to be hired to come in and make the needed repairs. 

It’s also the time to comb out the fringes to the carpet.  Something done just before it is rolled back up and delivered back to your home.

Now aren’t you glad you didn’t have to do all that work yourself? The one thing you can do on your own however, is to vacuum the carpet on both sides.

  You start on the backside; because the beater of the carpet will beat the dirt down to the floor through the nap of the carpet. 

when you turn the carpet back over the floor will be covered with all of the dust from inside of your carpet.  Just vacuum it up and wash the floor, return your carpet and then vacuum the top. 

Who knew that would be so easy.  Have fun and Enjoy!

Oriental Carpet Cleaning is one of many Spring Cleaning Tips

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