Master Bedroom Ideas

the master bedroom

Master Bedroom Ideas brings us our refuge.

So we need to make it a calming clean and peaceful place to rest in.The very first step of course is to turn on the lights.We can’t see the dirt without them. Also open your windows and let in the fresh air.

Have a good look around, an organized home is easy to clean.

Pick up all of those items that do not belong, and return them to their rightful places. No one wants to walk into their bedroom and see a mess.

If you have clothing that needs to be rehung, do it now. If you’ve read the paper and left it on a chair, pick it up and remove it.

If you have a waste bucket in this room, empty it now. Have a good look at your closet and see if it’s in order. Rehang articles if need be and refold items on the shelf’s.

If you find anything that you no longer use, add them to your charity bag. When it’s full, call your favorite charity and have them pick up your donation.

Now let’s look to the tops of the dressers and side tables in your room. Clear them of all items that can be put away. If it’s something you absolutely need to have out, leave it.

Here's a great cleaning tip.

Use plastic bags to pick up trash, laundry for washing, laundry for the cleaners,and a bag for items to go to charity.

Getting Started

We'll want to start Master Bedroom Ideas by getting our bucket filled with warm water and some of the Lysol bacterial detergent.

Add your micro cloth and wring it out dry.Start by wiping down everything in this room.Work your way around the room one wall at a time.

Don’t miss anything.

This includes the pictures on the walls, and all of the items on the tops of your surfaces in our Master Bedroom Ideas cleaning.
If you need to change out the bucket half way through, then do it. And return to finish your wiping.

Make sure your wiping includes the window frames and the sills to the windows. You may have blinds on your windows, so take some time and wipe them down. Here’s a great little cleaning tip for you.

Instead of using water to wipe them down, take a dry cloth and go over them. This will remove the dust.

Maybe once a month go over the blinds with a damp cloth. That should be more than sufficient to keep them clean.

The Media

There is something else to think about as part of your Master Bedroom Ideas, and that is an entertainment section.

This may include your computer along with your flat screen and all of the equipment that goes along with these products. remember an organized home is much easier to clean.

If they are part of your Master Bedroom Ideas, take some time and get them cleaned. Wipe down all of the equipment, and the shelving that they rest on.

Your Fine Woods

You may have a chair or couch in this room, so take the time to vacuum them and turn over the cushions on all of them.

Master Bedroom Ideas brings to mind great furniture design.  number 20 on our recommended reading lists.

However, we need to address your woods if you have them in here.It’s a very good idea to go over them with some product that will help the wood to keep its shine and durability through oils or waxes.

If your woods are sealed you do not want to use oils on them because they will just sit on the surfaces.

If your woods are antique or fine and rare, then use a good wax to help them along.

I've used a very good cleaning tip from an antique and rare wood finisher i knew. he always told me to wipe down my antiques with a baby blanket.

because it would never scratch the surfaces of the woods. keep this in mind when your cleaning your fine woods. bees wax is excellent for your fine woods.

This is something you only need do maybe twice a year, but keep it in mind when you’re cleaning. Maybe do one piece at a time throughout the year.

On the sealed woods, you can use a spray like lemon pledge or one of the many that are out there.

The Floors

If you have wood floors Master Bedroom Ideas recommends that you first vacuum them of all of the dust, and then fill your bucket with warm water and some of the powdered detergent. Pick up your knee pad, add your micro cloth and let’s wash down the floor.

Work your way out of the room.

Start at one of the top corners, and going side to side, wash the floor as you back your way out of the room.Change out the water when necessary.

Of course if you have carpeting, vacuum from the furthest point of the room to your door. Go side to side working your way out.Be sure to turn the lights off when you’re done.

the Master Bedroom Ideas has finished, and I’ll bet it smells great and looks even better. Enjoy.

let's move onto the teenagers bedroom. yes i know you'd like to put a lock on the door and not return until the little one has moved onto college. but lets brave it and go in.

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