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Living Room Ideas encompasses both cleaning and decorating design.  One does not live without the other.

For the room to work it must be put together in a manner that makes sense to you the homeowner.  This room is generally used for socializing with friends and family. That alone dictates how the space will be organized. 

Your living room designs will take into consideration

The kind of flooring that will be used

What will the lighting be?

How many pieces of furniture will there be

Art and accessories 

This then becomes the basic room.  Expanding on this is your decision. How much of what, what colors to use, and of course what will be the style of the furnishings.

  These are all just the beginnings of what you will need for your Living Room Ideas.  I’m sure you’ll come up with a few other additions for your room, like plants and trees, just to name a couple.

After your design is finished and in place, it’s time to clean the room, first thing to do, turn on the lights , you can’t see the dirt without them on. 

Your Living Room Ideas for cleaning can start with picking up everything that doesn’t belong in the room and place it back where it belongs.  Open the windows and let in the fresh air.

Use These Easy Steps To Clean The Room:

  • Fill a bucket with warm water and some of the Lysol Disinfectant Cleaner. Add your micro fiber cloth to the mix
  • Straighten all of the furniture in the room.  If you need to return a chair to a table then do it now.  Take a few moments and turn all of the cushions on your furniture. These are very good Living Room Ideas.  This helps to keep the wear down and the replacement of fabric to a minimum.
  • Remove all of the cob webs from the room. Go around the room wall by wall removing them. Check in all of the corners as well as along the baseboards.  Don’t forget to check the lighting for webs as well.
  • If you have accessories in this room, remove them to the kitchen to get them washed, you can place them on towels to dry as you dust the room.
  •  Living Room Ideas also includes the art in the room, use a soft brush and go over the piece, don’t forget to also go over the frames.
  • Start dusting the room.  Don’t miss a thing; wipe absolutely everything in the room.  I have found that by going around the room wall by wall, that this ensures that everything gets cleaned.  Do the centers of the room last?  Be sure to wipe down the window sills as you go through the room.
  • If you have glass table tops in this room then use your window cleaner to get them cleaned.  This also applies to any display items in the room.
  • Return all of the accessories from the kitchen that you washed to their places in this room.  This is a good time to think about watering any trees or plants in the room.  Get this done before moving onto the floors.  
  • Whether you have wood or carpeting on your floors, it’s time to get them cleaned.  If you have wood, then fill your bucket with warm water and some of the powdered detergent, not much however, this goes a long way, so just use a sprinkle and nothing more. The enzymes in the powder will eat through just about everything on your floors, except the finish of course.

If you need to vacuum the room then do it now, work your way out of the room, start at the furthest edge from the doorway, and going to side to side back out of the room. 

Close the windows as you go, and turn out the lights when you get to the door.  You’re Living Room Ideas have finished..  How much fun was that?  Enjoy your room.

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