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Dining Room Ideas encompasses everything in the room.  Our meals are served here and we celebrate every holiday and important tradition along with celebrating all of our special moments in life.

So get ready to knock it out of the park here. Just as you would expect in a fine restaurant, to sit down on a comfortable chair, at a clean table, andflawless linens, with immaculate china and crystal, that is the goal you should set for your Dining Room Ideas.

Before starting, have a good look around the room, and remove any items that do not belong there. Once again, here’s a great house cleaning tip. If this room has plants in it, then remove them to the kitchen to get them watered.

If you have trees in this room, then water them now. Open the windows and let the fresh air in.

Of course by now you know that the lights are to be turned on first, because we can’t see the dirt with them off.

Fill the bucket with some warm water and some of the Lysol bacterial disinfectant, place your micro cloths in, and return to your Dining Room Ideas.

Dusting and Washing it all

Now look up to the ceiling for cob-webs.

Take your fluffy or brush and go over the top edges of the room.

If you have recessed lighting in this room, look for webs and remove them if you see any.

Don't forget about the baseboards or any wainscoting that may be part of the Dining Room Ideas.

If the seat covers have spots on them, then get your bottle of fabric cleaner out and spray the spots. I have been using a plant based product for some time now called bio-green clean.

Just spray let it sit for a few minutes then wipe clean with a dry towel. The spots should just disappear.  It’s totally green and filled with all of the enzymes you need to clean everything in your home.

Change out the water and continue wiping down The Dining Room.

Do the entire table. That means even the legs and or pedestals if you have them. Move onto the sideboard if you have one. If not maybe you have a china cabinet.

With drawers for storage. Either way wipe the entire piece. If you have glass in the china cabinet, then be sure to wipe them down inside and out. And if the shelves are glass get them cleaned as well.

This will mean that all of the items from the cabinet will need to be taken out so that you can get to all of the glass.

Remove all of these items to the kitchen and place on towels on the counter top. Once you have all of the glass clean, go back to the kitchen and wash all of the pieces you removed from the china cabinet.

Dry them and return them to their places in your  Dining Room Ideas.

Your Fine Art

Dining Room Ideas and your walls.

If you have art, then wipe these pieces down.

Of course be very careful here. You do not want to do anything that might damage the pieces.

So be very careful with what you use to clean the art. I have found that if the piece is oil or acrylic, then a very soft paint brush will do just fine to remove the dust. Be careful with the frames as well.

A soft brush will do just fine here as well.

Lighting the room

Since lighting is very important in this room, there is usually a chandelier in here.

If so, let’s look to getting it cleaned. If its crystal, then fill the bucket with warm water and some vinegar.

Add your micro cloth and wring it out well. Start by wiping from top to bottom. Don’t miss any of the pieces.

Take your time and do it right. If you have shades on your chandelier, then remove them and get them wiped clean. Make sure you wipe the bulbs to this piece. If you have a fixture with glass shades then get them washed before returning them to their places.

Whatever kind of fixture you have made it shine. This is the centerpiece for the room and pretty much sets the tone of the room. The same holds true for any side lights you may have in this room. Get them cleaned and make them shine.

The Sideboard

Let’s move onto the sideboard.

If it is filled with silver pieces, then take them to the kitchen and place on towels.

Before we get them cleaned and returned, let’s think about the woods in this room.

Of course if you have antique or fine rare woods, you are already taking very good care of them with the right waxes and finishes that are appropriate .if your woods are sealed, then do not use oils that are for soaking into the woods.

They will only sit on top and you will have to wait for them to be absorbed into the air.

Using a baby blanket to dust your woods is the right way if your woods are sealed.

And even if they aren’t using a baby blanket is a very good thing to use on your woods. Now that the woods are finished go back into the kitchen and clean the silver pieces you removed earlier and then return them to their rightful places on the sideboard. I’ll bet this room looks great by now, and you’re ready for your next important dinner party.

The Floors

Of course it’s time to look to the floors in this room.

If you have wood, then vacuum them and wash them down with some of the Lysol disinfectant.

If you have carpets in here then vacuum them. You may have a combination of both in here whatever the case is get the floors finished.

Return to the kitchen and bring back your plants.

You’re done.

Who knew that would be so much fun. check this link out

Dining Room Ideas  for design and decorating advice, number 19 on our list of books to read.

to get ideas for decorating this space.

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