Entry Furniture

That First Impression

the entry to your home

The Entry Furniture is the first impression someone gets of your home, Don't think that it isn'tt. From the second that the doorknob is turned and they walk into your entry the focus is on this space.

Keeping it clean and clear of all items that don't belong there is a formidable task brought upon you.  Make sure that someone is not tripping over a pair of shoes as they walk into your home.

Make your coats disappear where they belong, and pick up any mail or papers that may be on a side table.  In otherwards make that first impression a memorable one for your guests.

The Entry who knew it would be so important.

lets get started cleaning

  • Fill a bucket with some warm water and some of the bio-green clean and add your micro cloth to the bucket.
  •   Take your cob web brush and go over the ceiling and down the corners including the baseboards Take care to remove the webs from any recessed lighting you may have.
  • Wipe down all of the pieces in this space with the bio green mixture this will include the closet doors, as well as the front door. Be sure to wipe down the baseboards, and any chair rails or crown molding you may have in here. Pay special attention to any side chairs or benches that are here.
  • If you have a light fixture hanging in here, then get it cleaned now.If it needs to be taken apart to clean then take your time, but do it and get it done right.
  • It’s time to clean the floor, so change out the bucket and add some of the bio-green to the water and wash down the entire floor. This also means that you need to remove all of the items from the closet floor, so that you can also clean this space.

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