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Family Room Ideas today takes on many formats, from the family room furniture to the media hanging on the walls. 

It encompasses many aspects for entertaining in our homes, so getting it right is very important.  Number one, how will you use this space?  Is it just for family or will you be entertaining friends in this room.

  If it’s the latter, then you are going to have to put your brain to work and come up with a space that will work. Will games be played in here?  That means board, and cards.

  Will you need book cases for your library?  Is the space large enough to include musical instruments, like a piano or rehearsal space? How much seating will you need? Will this be the computer center for your home?

  All very good Family Room Ideas, now getting them down on paper will be your next task. 

Once you’ve decide how the space will be used, then getting the family room decor considered will be your next step.

  It’s really not too hard, just stay with what you know.  If you are a casual family, then something plain and simple may be the way to go.  If you are a more formal family, then considering architectural details in the room may be your answer. 

Whatever you decide upon, make sure it becomes a permanent part of your Family Room Ideas.  As a general rule all rooms start within idea of how they will be used, and work out from there. 

Will you need to have the lighting redone?  If so then hiring an electrician would make sense.  You will also need to have someone come in and do your media. 

If you need to build book cases and spaces for the media then you may have to hire a design team to come up with the drawings and then follow through with the build.

Most of us however do not have the time or the finances to make all of this happen.  We Paint the room, replace the flooring, and place our pieces into the room. 

Sometimes we are lucky and have media centers already and our furniture works just fine for us.  We may have to replace the coverings, but that is just fine.  We add our pictures to the walls, put in a tree or plants and call it a day. 

Whatever direction you may take, just be aware of how the space is used and how you can make it work.  Of course once all is done, it’s time for the Family Room Ideas to be cleaned. 

Here Are Your Steps

  • Turn on the lights in the room; you can’t see the dirt without them on.  Open the windows to let in the fresh air. 
  • Pick everything up in the room and place those items back where they belong. Turn the cushions on the furniture, and remove all of the accessories to be washed to the kitchen. Wash them and place them on towels to dry. 
  • Fill a bucket with warm water and some of the Lysol Disinfectant, add your micro cloth to the mix and get ready to clean Family Room Ideas.
  • Remove the cob webs from the room by going over the ceiling edges and corners, make sure you pay attention to the baseboards and remove all of the webs from them.  This is a good time to remove any webs from the lighting in the room.
  • If you have art in this room, then go over those pieces with a very soft brush removing the dust from the top layer; don’t forget to go over the frames as well.  Anything else hanging on the walls can be cleaned with the Lysol Disinfectant. 
  • Now take your bucket and wring out your micro cloth and start cleaning the room.  Go wall by wall around the room, this will ensure that you miss nothing.  Take your time and do a good job.  Leave the center of the room for last.  Wipe absolutely everything you see, and redecorate the room as you go.  By that I mean place things back in an orderly fashion and when you’re done with the room, it should look like the cover of a magazine.  This will teach you the decorative arts, and the art of elimination, keeping your space in great order at all times. 
  • Your Family Room Ideas should finish with the floors.  This is a good time to make sure that any glass tables or display cabinets have been cleaned with your glass cleaner.  Go back to the kitchen and bring back those items you washed and place them back where they belong in the room, This is a very good time to water your trees and plants if you have any in this room, now onto the floor.

the floors

It doesn’t matter what your flooring is, get it cleaned. If its wood then fill you’re bucket with warm water and some of the powdered detergent, you know the one with all of the enzymes that work their way right through all of the dirt.  Start at the top of your room and go side to side working your way out of the room.

  This procedure works the same for your vacuum, start at a top corner of the room and work your way out of the room.  Close the windows as you go and turn off the lights when you’re done.  I’ll bet your Family Room Ideas have all come together by now and the room looks great.

Useful Resources

In Our Library, book # 21 Family Spaces brings together our Family Room Ideas

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