Baby Bedroom

Getting your room put into order

The Baby's Bedroom

Of course when entering the Baby Bedroom, turn on the lights.

We can’t see the dirt without them.

This is a room where home organization is going to really come into play. When it comes to the baby, you will want everything at your fingertips. And everything else close at hand.

So get ready to put everything where it belongs, and those items you don’t know what to do with, into boxes, jars, and containers of all kinds.

Here’s a great cleaning tip for this room.

Put everything back where it belongs, especially the toys, get them back into the toy box. remember it's about home organization in this room.

Straighten up the bookcase, and get the clothes in the closet in order.

If you still have a changing table, put all of the items into one of the drawers. And clear off the top.

Next look to the bedding, in the Baby Bedroom.
If it needs to be washed, then remove it to the laundry room, and get a load started right away.

If the bumpers and comforter do not need to be washed, then put them into the dryer to refresh them.

You can also do this with the covers to your rocker if they are removable. Let’s not forget to open the windows and let the fresh air into the Baby Bedroom..

Dusting for Cob-Webs

Let’s get our cob-web duster out and look to the top of the room.

Go around the entire top , and then go over all of the walls, and baseboards.

Of course if you have recessed lighting in this room be sure to dust for cob-webs, and then wipe them down with a damp cloth. Keeping The Baby Bedroom clear of as much dust as possible is going to help with breathing.

Here’s a great cleaning tip.

If you have an air purifier in this room, take it out to the kitchen and wash it down with some vinegar and water.

Then return it to the babies room when done.

Don’t forget to go into the closet and get the cob-webs and dust off of the walls.

And of course go around the windows for webs.

Washing down the room and the closets

Ok, let’s get our bucket filled with warm water and some of the Lysol disinfectant cleaner, and start wiping down everything in the Baby Bedroom. Start on one wall and work your way around the room piece by piece.

Don’t miss anything, if it’s there wipe it down.. If there are any pictures on the walls, get them wiped down also.

The bookcase, the changing table, the rocker, the toy box, the bed itself, and any other pieces you may have in this room.

I’m sure there are a small lamp and maybe a side table for the rocker.

Change out the water with fresh and add the Lysol and your micro cloths and continue

until the entire room as been wiped.

Then turn your attention to home organization in the closet.

Your closet of course has been put back into order and everything is folded and stacked neatly as well as all clothing that can be hung has been hung back where it belongs.

Now wipe down the entire shelf’s in here, as well as the doors and floor.

Change out the water again if necessary, and wipe down all of the trim and doors in the room.

I’ll bet by now the Baby Bedroom is looking really great and smelling

that way too.

Windows Floors and Laundry

Go into the laundry room and check on your bedding.

And add another load if you need to.

Move onto the windows and floors.

Refill your bucket with some of the powdered detergent, add your micro cloths and return to start on the windows.

You can of course use your window cleaner and your squeegee to clean them.

Spray the windows, go over them with your micro cloth then wipe them down with your squeegee. Wipe the edges with a dry towel. And you’re done. Before moving onto the floors, check on the bedding and return them to the bed., along with the covers to the chair.

Here’s a great tip for the stuffed animals in the bed.

Using a wet bar of soap go over each animal and remove any marks or built up dust. Don’t be afraid to get them wet, you can put them in the dryer afterwards to dry them off.

They’ll be clean and I’ll bet smell great.

Ok, onto the floor.

Start by vacuuming if you have wood floors, than move to washing them down. Start at a far top corner of the room, and work your way out by going from side to side.

When you reach the door you’re done.

Watch this very important video on crib safety in the Baby Bedroom.

Your home organization is in check, and you’ve learned some new tricks along the way.

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