Toilet Cleaning

Toilet Cleaning , well here we are, this is something no one wants to talk about, but probably one of the most used items in the home.

  Of course even before starting this job, open the window if you have one in here, and turn on the exhaust fan as well. 

You will want to remove any items from the top of the toilet as well as any items around the base like a waste basket, before the Toilet Cleaning begins.

Here’s What You Will Need

  • Disposable gloves
  • A scrub brush
  • A good soft cleanser
  • All-purpose cleaner
  • A disinfectant
  • Paper towels

After putting on your gloves, start by flushing the toilet.  That will bring a fresh tank of water into the bowl.  Take your cleanser and sprinkle it around the rim of the toilet. 

Pour into the bowl some of your all-purpose cleaner, something like Lysol Disinfectant works very well.  Spray the cleaner and disinfectant onto the toilet seat and cover, and spray the entire toilet down, this includes around the base of the toilet. 

Using your brush clean out the toilet bowl, give it a good scrub, then flush.  Go over the entire toilet with your paper towels drying everything.

  Be sure to place attention on the flush handle, you will want to use the disinfectant to clean it.  Spray the all-purpose cleaner around the floor to the toilet, and then use your paper towels to wipe the floor clean. 

You might be asking yourself, why in the world he put a video like this on his site.  The answer is that the information is very good and timely.  Do I agree with using these steps to clean a toilet?

  Not really.  I tend to lean towards the simple side of cleaning.  Here’s what I mean.  Try cleaning your toilet this way, I promise you won’t need all of those chemicals.

Put on your gloves, flush the toilet and place into the bowl some Bio-Green Clean, by now you know what this is, because I’ve mentioned it many times throughout the site. It’s a plant based product that is filled with all of the enzymes that eat their way through everything.

  It’s all natural and cannot harm you.  Take your micro cloth and place it into the bowl and clean the bowl.

Flush when done and put a little of the bio-green clean in again.  Use a different micro cloth and place it into the bowl.  Get it very wet and go over the entire toilet tank, seat cover, and outside of the bowl base.

  Flush again then go back with your micro cloth and wipe the entire toilet down from top to bottom.

  Place some of the Bio-Green clean into the bowl again and go over the floor around the bowl, be sure to go over the walls around the toilet as well.  Flush the bowl. 

I tend to use a very wet micro cloth for this, and then go back over with a dry towel when I’m done.  The toilet should look great.  Return your items to the top if you had any there, and place the waste basket back.  You’re done. Enjoy until next time.

We all know the bathroom is filled with bacteria and germs on a very large scale. Keeping them at bay is very important to your health. 

One way is to keep the toilet clean at all times, another is to wipe down with a disinfectant the entire door handles throughout your home.

  I use straight vinegar for this job.  It works wonders and kills absolutely all of the bacteria.  Just pour some vinegar into your bucket add a micro cloth and go around your home wiping all of the door handles, this will include all of the handles in the kitchen as well.

  Don’t forget your computer keyboard, and all of the clickers in the home to your media, a great green tip, but very sound advice, to help keep the germs away from your family. Toilet Cleaning, who knew that would be so much fun.

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