How To Make Vinegar

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How To Make Vinegar, these easy steps will amaze you.  With just a little fresh lemon juice and water, vinegar can be made.

  Vinegar can be made from almost anything, Fruits, grains, and roots, anything that contains sugars or starch. 

Here’s What You Will Need

  • A fresh lemon
  • Water
  • A glass jar
  • A strainer
The Process For How To Make Vinegar

Cut one lemon in half, and squeeze through the strainer into the bottle, add a quarter cup of water, place the lid onto the jar, and store the container in a warm dark place for five days.  This begins the process of alcohol fermentation.

After the five days are up, remove the jar from its hiding place and remove the lid.

  Now squeeze another half lemon through the strainer into the jar.  Fill the jar to the top with water and replace the lid.  Store once again in a dark warm space, this time for up to two weeks. 

During this time period the process of acid fermentation will be taking place. It is this acid that creates the sour taste in the vinegar, along with the cleaning or germ removal properties. It's fun learning How To Make Vinegar, right?

The vinegar, once finished is now ready for use in salads, cooking, or cleaning your home.  That was easy, right? 

 Now let’s take a look at making red wine vinegar, perfect for your salads and meats.

Making Red Wine Vinegar

Although this takes a bit of time to accomplish, it’s well worth the effort. learning How To Make Vinegar.

  Instead of throwing out the last bit in the bottle, why not use it to make some great red wine vinegar, the Europeans have been making it for centuries. it enlivens the dishes you use it with. 

You won’t believe how good it is even if it’s only table wine that you use.  The added advantage here is that this process is a green one; in otherwards it’s good for the environment.

The Process Starts With

The Vinegar Mother, what is this?  It’s a fungus that grows on the settlement of the wine; you cannot make this vinegar without it.

  If you cannot make one of your own, you can order them off of the internet, or check with your local liquor store to see if they sell them, many today do.  They are not expensive; there cost is usually around 5 dollars.

  Place a red wine vinegar mother into a wine bottle; add some wine into the bottle, even a glass full will work.

It needs air to work, so just place something over the top that will allow the air to come in, and the bugs to stay out. 

Every time you have left over wine, add it to the bottle. Once the bottle is full, place it into your closet for storage.

Wait a couple of months to taste it, it may take up to a year before it’s done working, but when it’s done you will have red wine vinegar ,  a triumph , your taste buds will enjoy, and your friends will thank you for. 

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