How I Built This Site

How I Built This Site: For many years now my friends have been asking me to write down everything I know about cleaning a home so that others could benefit from it. After years of thinking about it I finally sat down and started to write a book about house cleaning. I finished this last year and it was published on line with amazon and Barnes and noble. It’s called Domestic Olympics “The Ultimate House Cleaning Guide” it takes you through a three bedroom one bath home, room by room. Once I had finished writing my friends decided it was time to give this information to everyone, and build a website. I wasn’t too keen on this because I had tried websites before and they never went anywhere, and I didn’t enjoy doing them. But I decided to start doing some research on the internet, one day I ran into a company called site/sell or site/build it. As I read I became very intrigued by what they had to say and show me. As I did more research on them I learned that this company also taught courses on university campuses throughout America. I became very interested at this point and dug further into what they were saying. After a long time of research I finally decided to put a foot forward and walk into the great unknown wasn’t easy but once I had made my mind up to do this I wasn’t going to stop until I had finished . It was an all-inclusive package that was going to take you through every step of building a site and then they would teach you how to build it and get it published. So I jumped into the course and started by reading through every bit of information I could get I can honestly tell you that I am enjoying this process immensely. Although there are times of frustration, you can work through it all. There is support all along the way and even forums to talk to others that are going through the same process that you are. The idea that you can build a site and make it work is amazing to me. I’m not very internet savvy but have been able to work my way through this maze. And if I can anyone can.

Here is what I've gone through so far

I’ve learned how to find my concept for my site.

. I then looked for profitable topics that I could use on my site.

I then investigated and planned my monetization options.

I then found my domain name.

And then went into the building stage. This is where aim now and having a great time creating this site

I've had a site review, and am now making recommended changes to the site.

After incorporating all of the changes, i then moved onto  adding more content and videos to the site.

I have added the site to Directories, and also added social networking to the site.

I am adding Links from other sites to my website, as well as adding my site to other websites.

Traffic is growing every month.  I soon hope to add Google Ad sense to the site.


The idea that anyone can do this is absolutely correct. Although I am still building pages my site is now in for review. That will let me know if aim on target and headed in the right direction. This I look forward to because changing the site around can help to bring more traffic. Something aims now working at. There are many steps you can take to bring free traffic to your site. That all falls into line with the Site/Sell idea of C-T-P-M. And what do the letters stand for? CONTENT-TRAFFIC-PRE-SELL and MONITIZE. The very core of how to build a site the right way. So get on board and come along with me on this ride and learn how to build a site. You won’t get rich from this, but you can make a living from all of this work. You’ll meet new friends and learn how to create your own website.

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