Clean Wood Floors

Cleaning Wood Floors

It does take some science to Clean Wood Floors. 

Of course, knowing the kind of wood you have and the finish to that wood will make all the difference when it comes to choosing the right way to clean them. 

From solid hardwoods to the popular laminates of today, the range of cleaners can make your head spin. 

I’m going to stop the spinning and lay it all out for you here.

Keeping it simple is our motto. Let’s take a look at exactly what to use to Clean Wood Floors.


Start by either sweeping with a soft bristle broom, or vacuum the floors with the brush attachment.    

Be sure to get everything, both the baseboards and corners. 

Using water must be done sparingly.  Mix together ¼ cup vinegar to a gallon of water. 

Ring out the mop so dry, that you can barely tell that there is any water at all on the mop.  Anyone with hard wood floors probably has a buffer to shine them.   So go over your floors and make them shine.

If you need to add wax, then use an old sock to add the wax and then go over with the buffer to shine.

If there are any spots that need removing, use a zero grade steel wool,  remove the spots, then re-wax over them and rebuff.


Sweep the floors with a soft bristle broom, or use a vacuum with a brush attachment. 

Do not use any attachments with a beater brush that could damage the floor. 

These Clean Wood Floors will come when you fill a bucket with a cup of vinegar to two gallons of water.

By using a mop that has been rung out very dry, go over the floors.

To keep them polished,  use a spray cleaner, applying it onto a dust mop and go over your floors.  For damaged high traffic areas, you may want to call in a professional to screen the area and re-coat with poly.


I know this is a surprise to you but the first step we are going to take is to sweep the floor with a soft bristle broom. 

Of course, you can use the vacuum with the brush attachment to go over the floor as well.

Remember,  the idea is to remove any small stones or any items that may damage the floor.

Once you’re done with that then, use a soft micro cloth to go over the floor again to remove any remaining dust.

Using a good laminate floor cleaner in a spray bottle is all you need to finish the process.  Spray an area of floor.  Using a dry soft micro cloth, go over the floor to clean and reshine it again. 

I have found that by spraying the micro cloth and then going over the floor, a much easier way of cleaning.  It will save time and a great amount of the cleaner. 

Clean Wood Floors can be attained with very little effort.

Finding the right cleaners makes all the difference.  Keeping it simple is your answer. 

Of course, if you are addicted to the smells found in the cleaners today, then by all means go down that road and use them, but remember, by using some of these cleaners, you can wear away the finish and even discolor your woods. 

A helpful hint - If you are placing carpets down over the woods at a front door, or in the kitchen or even the laundry room, make sure that they do not have rubber backing.

I can tell you from experience that your floors will get discolored and you will have to hire a professional to bring them back to the original finishes.

So keep it simple.  One of the oldest cleaners on the planet is Vinegar.  Use it because it works for getting Clean Wood Floors.


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