Vacuum Cleaner Ratings

 Ever Wonder Which Ones Work The Best?

Vacuum Cleaner Ratings:

There are so many vacuum cleaners on the market today, that to try and give you an idea of what’s out there.

I’m going to go through the vacuums I know because after using different models over the last thirty years, I’ve narrowed it down to just a couple that work wonders and do not break the bank.

Here are just a few Vacuum Cleaner Ratings that I can honestly speak about, because I’ve used every one of them.

The Eureka Extra-Wide Commercial Upright:

When I first started in business, this was the number one vacuum out there that did absolutely everything it said it would.

It was so powerful that it could take in anything you threw at it, and because it was extra wide the job was done much faster.

There were no internal bags for this vacuum, just the upright bag that was attached.The great thing about this bag however was that all you needed to do to get better suction, was to turn the bag inside out and wash it down with clean water.

When the bag dried it would then return to a very tight spaced bag that would pull anything into it.

Back then when they made the belts for these vacuums, they were so hard that they lasted for many months, and there were very few breaks, that makes this a very good Vacuum Cleaner ratings piece of equipment.

The roller brush needed to be replaced at least once a year, but only because we were vacuuming so much throughout the year that we wore them out.

For your own home this vacuum is a work-horse.

It does have some heft to it, but the work it does makes up for the weight. If you have a yearly maintenance done on it, it will last forever.

The only reason I no longer use this vacuum is because I had an operation and was told not to lift this weight any longer.

So I reluctantly let it go. But I gave it a good home when I was done with It., and guess what. It’s still working to this day. What a machine.

Vacuum Cleaner Ratings Gives This Vacuum   FIVE STARS      

The Rainbow:

When I finally started working in the residential end of the business, this was the number one vacuum on the market to use.

It did everything and had all of the accessories that you could ever want.

I liked it very much, because there were no bags, just a compartment that you added water to and when vacuumed all of the dust and dirt ended up in the water, stopping any residual dust from coming back into the house. You did need to change out the water several times in each home, but it was worth it.

Even vacuuming furniture, this machine did its work in a timely manner and left everything very clean.

Although this is a canister vacuum, it still moves about very easily. You will really see results with this vacuum.

If you have anyone with any kind of allergy, this is the vacuum for you, because it will essentially remove all of the dust from your home. Or at least all of the dust you vacuum in.

I would still be using this, but in business you need to have equipment that is easy to move around and that will help you to save time.

This vacuum has parts that need to be carried with it. But I can honestly say that it is a very good vacuum for the home. Another great workho

Vacuum Cleaner Ratings Gives This Vacuum         FOUR STARS

The Royal:

This vacuum looked like something out of the twenties, but as an upright it really did work.

There were levels of suction that you could set the vacuum to, and this would really help out on shag carpeting, thank god that stuff is gone, and hopefully will never return.

It was very hard on vacuums, either getting all tied up in the strings of the carpet, or just having a hard time removing anything that was down deep into the nap.

For commercial carpets however this little giant did the work.

If you only need an upright in your home without any attachments, then you might want to think about this vacuum.

It’s very easy to keep clean and maintenance is very little or next to never . And who doesn’t like that.

The bags are like the eureka in that you take them off and turn them inside out and wash them down with clear water.

Let them dry then they will return to a tight bag again and will bring in just about everything. A very nice vacuum.

Vacuum Cleaner Ratings Gives This Vacuum       THREE STARS

The Oreck:

This is what I use today. It is very lightweight and easy to move around.

And boy is this a workhorse too. Because it’s made for commercial use in hotels, it really stands up and accomplishes everything it says it can.

I like that it is flat and can go under furniture very easily. Not too many vacuums can do that today.

The canisters holding the dirt compartments are too large to allow them under the furniture.

It gets maintenance onlywhen it's needed.  I change out the brushes when they get worn,  and the new belts that they make for this vacuum are much harder than they used to be and therefore stand up for a longer time.

The bags are in a zippered compartment and totally take in the dirt and do not let it go out through the outer bags.

This is paramount in someone’s home. The one thing you will want to make sure of is the cord. Make it at least thirty feet or more.

This will get you through your home much easier. You will not have to change out the plugs very often.

I highly recommend this vacuum. One of the best on the market today. Don’t be afraid to try something new, it could really amaze you.

Vacuum Cleaner Ratings Gives This Vacuum        FIVE STARS

Vacuum Cleaner Ratings Gives You The History Of The Vacuum .


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