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There are so many Carpet Cleaning Solutions today, that going up and down the supermarket isles, trying to figure out which one is best, can be overwhelming, as we throw our hands up into the air in astonishment. 

There are so many cleaners, which one do you choose?

You could read labels for an entire day before choosing one cleaner. 

I’ve come to the conclusion that by using all natural products, you’re probably safer when it comes to Carpet Cleaning Solutions getting out a spot in your carpet.  If you can catch it right away, then usually by wiping up all of the liquid that has spilled, solves the majority of your problem. 

By using some liquid detergent with tap water, scrubbing it into the spot, rinsing with cool water, and wiping up with a clean dry towel, will do the job just fine. 

If not you probably have something that has left a stain and needs extra care to get out.  So now it's time to go to the supermarket.  Look for a product that is made for your specific need.

Don’t get distracted.  Keep your search confined to this specific product.  If the new product doesn't do the trick, then maybe calling in a professional is the answer.  


  • Calling in a professional: 

Of course, check with your friends to see who they are using.  But it's a good idea to do your homework when calling in a professional.

Don’t take a quote over the phone.  You will want to ask questions that cannot be answered without having the professional actually see the problem.

Get a full written quote before hiring them to do your work.  Of course check with the better business bureau before hiring them. 

  • Doing it yourself: 

You can clean your own carpet by renting the equipment.  Many supermarkets and hardware stores rent this type of equipment.

It can be cumbersome to use, but can save you a lot of money.

Make sure that you have enough cleaning liquid for the job and that you have enough liquid to use for spotting the carpet.

Today you can even use a scotchguard cover to help resist stains.  Just follow all of the directions and you should be just fine.

  • Purchase your own equipment: 

This, of course, can be a very good time and money saver and a great Carpet Cleaning Solution. 

If this is the path you wish to go down, then follow these tips before purchasing.

If you are going to use the machine frequently, then make sure it doesn’t weigh more than thirty pounds,

  •   Is easy to move around and has a wide path
  •   If you have a large home, try to get a thirty foot cord
  •   Look for on board tools,
  •   like an edging tool
  •   Upholstery tools with multiple speeds and
  •   A water heater with a detergent mixer is something you will need,
  •   along with a hand held power tool
  •   Ask about a ready- to- use hose as an extra, and a micro band filter
  •   And a float gage to let you know how much liquid remains. 

 Keep these in mind whenever you look for a home carpet shampoo machine. 


  •        Steam cleaning method is also called extraction
  •        Dry cleaning method
  •       Carpet shampoo method
  •        Bonnet cleaning, dry cleaning but with water

If you are unsure of which method to use, call your carpet manufacturer and ask which method will work best on your carpet.  A little homework can save you a lot of frustration and an enormous amount of time.

So there we have it, Carpet Cleaning Solutions that can and do work.  Pick how to clean them, pick your method and follow through.  You will be just fine, whatever you choose.

Have fun and remember to “Keep it simple, but above all clean”.

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