How To Clean A Microwave

Need a little more elbow grease when learning how to clean a microwave?

follow the steps below.

How To Clean A Microwave:

Keeping up this appliance is one of those really easy tasks to do.

Oh I know it’s not much fun but it will only take a few moments of your time.

You can of course wipe it down after every use, but most of us don’t.

The simple solution of course is the one you see here in this video. Of course if you’ve neglected it for quite some time, you may want to use this alternative method.


  • Fill a bowl with water, and add one cut up lemon, and one cut up orange.
  • Place on high for 5 min.
  • In a separate bowl.  Add a cup of baking soda with a cup of liquid dish detergent and mix into a paste.
  • After 5 min.  Remove bowl along with the glass tray.
  • Place a towel into bowl with mixture and start to wipe out the inside.
  • Take your time.

If it is really bad, then alternate bowl with lemon and orange, with bowl of liquid paste mixture until the entire inside is perfectly clean.

who knew it, would be this easy. Of course, be sure to wipe down the outside at the same time.

And it’s probably a very good idea to move it and clean underneath.

Now if you fall into the first group, then you were done in about ten minutes or less. If you fall into the second group, then it was a bit of a chore, but worth the effort when done.

And you probably were done in about 15 to 20 minutes. So even then it didn’t take much time.

Just remember that to keep it up as you go is a very great time saver.

How To Clean A Microwave:

find out on this link, answers to making your own cleaners.

here's a really good tip for you. before wiping out your micro, get a hand towel wet and place it in on high for about 3 min. this will sterilize the towel before wiping it down.

you might want to do this also when you are wiping down your counters. i learned this trick, when i was traveling in japan many years ago.

when i was visiting a real tea house, whenever you arose to leave the room, a hot towel was waiting for you when you returned to wipe your hands on before continuing with your tea.

I've remembered this for all of these years now, and use this system in my home. try it, it's a good thing to do.

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