Clean Exhaust Hood

A Clean Exhaust Hood is very important to your home's well being.  Of course, number one is keeping it clean to avoid a fire from breaking out.

Number two, keeping it clean will stop any dripping onto the food you are cooking.  Think it doesn't happen, guess again, it really can and does. 

Number three, keeping it clean lets the exhaust work more efficiently, drawing out the smoke and odors. 

Let’s jump right into it and get it cleaned.

What you will need


Liquid Detergent

Large Plastic Bowl


Rubber Gloves

Paper Towels

Butane Lighter

Scrub Brush

Clean Towel

Start Here

1.     A Clean Exhaust Hood starts by checking to see  that all of the knobs to the burners are in the off position.

If you have a gas range, then remove the grates to the sides and open the top to reveal the inside where the pilot lights are located.

Blow them out and place the top back down.  Place the newspapers over the top of the stove to catch any of the drippings from the Clean Exhaust Hood. 

2.     Remove the light bulb and place it to the side.  Also, remove the filter and place into your sink, after filling the sink with very hot water and some of the liquid detergent.

Just place it in and let it soak while you are cleaning the hood.

3.       Take the large plastic bowl and fill it with very hot water and a few drops of the liquid detergent.

Place your sponge into it and get it wet.  You may want to put on your rubber gloves at this point.

Wring out the sponge and using the soft side, go over the top of the outside of the hood.  If it’s very greasy, then place a few drops of the liquid detergent on the sponge, get it wet again and go over a small section until the grease has been removed. 

Repeat this process until you have cleaned the outside entirely.

4.       Place your sponge back into the bowl and wring it out again and start to wipe down the inside of the hood.

Using the same process as above, make sure that when you get to the light fixture and the Fan, that you pay close attention by keeping the water away from any of the wiring. 

When you have finished wiping it down with the liquid detergent, use your dry towel and go over the entire area, making sure it is completely dry.

5.       Now go to the sink.  Using your scrub brush, go over the filter screen, gently removing all the grease.

Rinse the filter thoroughly and place on the towel to dry. 

6.       Before replacing the light bulb, use your sponge to wipe it clean, and then dry with a paper towel.  Replace the bulb when done.

7.       When the filter has dried, replace it.

8.       Remove the newspapers from the top of the stove and throw away. Take your sponge and go over the top of the stove, removing any lingering spots, then dry with the paper towel.

Use the butane lighter to relight the pilots, and return the grates to the stove top. You’re done.

You now have one Clean Exhaust Hood  Enjoy!

Useful Resource:

Make your own degreaser:

1 gallon of water

1/2 cup of borax

2 tbsp. laundry detergent

1 tbsp. ammonia

Stir the solution and pour into a spray bottle.  Keep the rest for later use.


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