Kitchen Cleanliness

kitchen cleanliness

Many of us take our Kitchen Cleanliness for granted, but we shouldn’t. 

There are so many bacteria floating around in this room that you really do need to take precautions and keep it very clean.

There are many steps that you can take, and some that you shouldn’t.

We all have bad habits and some of them spill into the kitchen like, taking something out of the refrigerator, but not returning it back in a timely manner. Or maybe something has spilled on the counter top and it’s not wiped up immediately.

We’ve all done these two and probably many more. Of course we’ve all heard the expression, “cleanliness is next to godliness.

There really is something to that quote. Keeping the Kitchen  clean is your number one goal.

Follow these easy steps .

Seven Steps To Kitchen Cleanliness

  • Wash Your Hands :

This is by far the most important piece of information you will ever get.

It is paramount that you keep them clean while working in the kitchen.

Bacteria of all kinds abound in here and can transfer to your food by just picking it up,  so keep your hands clean. Wash them often it will help to keep your Kitchen Cleanliness free of  germs.

  • Change out your towels:

One of the biggest sources of contamination in your kitchen is your towels for washing and drying.

Don’t use them more than once, or if you do, make sure you do as I do and put them into the sink at the end of the day and fill with hot water and a few drops of liquid detergent , along with a capful of bleach.

Let them soak overnight and ring them out in the morning and use them to wipe down your counters with. The bleach will remove any bacteria and will keep your kitchen very clean.

  •  Preventing cross-contamination:

Don’t use the same cutting board for everything in your kitchen.

Today you can buy cutting sheets that are color coated for different uses.

When you do use your board, wash it with warm soapy water right away.

And if your cutting chicken, run the cold water to remove the protein , otherwise you’re going to spend some time getting it cleaned.

And of course this applies to your knives also. Keep them cleaned between each use.

Don’t be afraid to run them under the water between cuttings.

  •  Keep the sink clean:

You know all the reasons why by now, so whenever you run the water in the sink, wipe the whole thing down.

I’m always washing the sinks down and if I’m not doing that, I’m throwing lemon pieces into the disposal and running it to keep it clean.

These are great Kitchen Cleanliness Tips.

  •  Keep The Exhaust hoods clean:

This of course is the number one inspection in any kitchen.

When I worked in restaurants, it was always the last thing you did every day.

You need to keep this clean because all of the dust floating around gets caught in the exhaust and with the grease flying up it all attaches to the hood.

You cook here and do not want pieces floating down over what you’re making for dinner. You can pull out the filter and put it in to the dishwasher at the end of every day.

Then wipe the rest of the hood down.

It will take you but a moment to do. Your Kitchen Cleanliness , who knew it, would be so much fun.

  •  Don’t put grocery bags on the counter:

Today we tend to keep our grocery bags for other uses.

But try to remember where that bag has been and what it has touched in the process and what it will deposit onto your counters when you place it there.

  • Defrost your meats in the refrigerator:

It’s a very bad habit we’ve all done; we’re in a hurry and place the item on the counter to defrost.

The problem with this is that the center of the meat is still frozen and all of the bacteria are working against us.

So plan ahead and put the item into the refrigerator and let it defrost there. Keeping your dinner free from the bacteria.

So there you are, seven ways to help keep your kitchen clean. use them and you’ll always be safe.

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