How To Clean An Oven

Oven Cleaning:

How To Clean An Oven is the most in depth that I've seen .

It will take you through every step you need to get done. pay close attention to how the door is cleaned. making sure that the glass inserts have been washed as well.

There are many tips along the way, like putting the shelf's into a plastic bag and then spraying them for cleaning.

Letting them sit with the bag tightly closed is another great tip. Don't miss this one.

Of course many ovens today are self-cleaning, but that doesn't mean you don't have to keep them up.

Although the temperature is very high sometimes 900 degrees plus, you still need to wipe them out when they are done cleaning.

Sometimes they don't get everything burned off and you need to scrape off the remnants.

How To Clean An Oven First Steps To Take:

  •  Find out what kind of oven you have. is it a self cleaning oven, or a textured oven, or maybe a non self-cleaning oven.
  •  Run the self cleaning cycle as often as you need to, it reduces most of the spills to a powdery form and can be easily wiped up.
  •  Be sure to ventilate the kitchen by opening a window .
  •  You will probably need to wash down the door to remove any left on pieces. just use something non abrasive to get them off.
  •  Be sure you do not wash the gasket around the door.
  •  It can be damaged very easily by scrubbing and then will not seal your door for cooking or cleaning.

  •   A textured oven is usually a continuous cleaning oven.
  •  All you will need to do with this oven is wipe it down.
  •  Do not use any sprays on this oven or anything that is abrasive, it can ruin the surface.
  •  Of course make sure to remove the racks before you clean.
  •  This includes any self cleaning oven. the heat will remove the finish to the racks.

  •  A regular non-self-cleaning oven: sometimes its a good idea to wipe down the inside of the oven as soon as you are done using it.
  •  Here's a great tip get your cloth wet, then put into the microwave for 30 seconds this will get it nice and hot and will help to remove any splatters to your oven.
  •  You can help yourself keep it clean by placing a piece of aluminum foil underneath the item your are cooking, this helps to catch the spills, and all you have to do is throw the foil away when done cooking.

  •  Make sure you have these items for cleaning.
  •  A soft cloth, non-abrasive cleanser.
  •  This can be a mixture of two cups borax to one cup baking soda.
  •  It works great,  a oven cleaner spray for the non-self-cleaning oven and of course keep the materials as smooth as possible for cleaning. 
  • If you have something that will not come off, try a zero-grade steel wool it can be used on your burner drip pans also.

Take a moment of time from How To Clean An Oven, and have a look at the history of the wood fired oven here.



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