Drawer Dividers

Keeping Clean And Organized

Drawer Dividers, make it easy to keep your drawers clean and organized. This is an easy way to control the contents of your drawers.

  Dividers come many ways, from plastic boxes that are attached along a ridge on one side of the box, I use these for my utensil drawer, and it keeps them all in order and gives me easy access.

  Of course there are silverware containers that are very specific to the size of your drawer, just choose the one that fits and all of your silverware will be readily available to you. 

Today there are also acrylic boxes that you can purchase for your drawers, you will need to measure for the right size.  You can also purchase boxes with lids for your drawers to contain papers, warranty for appliances, etc. If you are into crafts, you can make your own dividers.

They come in many sizes, and can be very specific to the task.  When choosing the right divider,

Begin with end in mind:

  • Ask yourself what items I will need to access
  • What’s accessed most frequently?

Keep in mind that there are three kinds of dividers available to you. One, a solid piece that fits right into the drawer Two, several floating containers, however be careful here because they tend to move around the drawer if not affixed.  Three, stackable containers, these work best in deep drawers, and can hold many items, great for the office. 

Let's look to the cleaning of the drawer

What you will need:

  • Waste basket,

  • Shoebox
  • Cloths
  • Drawer Dividers
  • Protective sleeves or envelopes
  • Binder clips and paper clips

Pull the drawer completely out and remove everything from inside.  Because it’s a junk drawer, its filled with many items you no longer need or even know what they are, throw them away, by the time you are done doing this, probably at least half of the drawer is now gone. 

Separate items that are duplicates, and place them aside for now, Remember if you haven’t used it in the past year, you probably never will, so throw it out, if you can’t make your mind up about something then place it into the shoebox and date the box.

  If you never use it again you may want to think about throwing those items away.  Wash out the drawer inside, use your micro cloth to wipe it down.

  Just get it wet, go over the inside of the drawer and dry when done.  Add your Drawer Dividers, and replace your items to the drawer.

You’re done, move onto the next drawer and keep going until you have them all organized. 

Useful Resources:

Drawer Dividers, learn more in our library book #14


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