Paper Blinds

Paper Blinds

Paper Blinds are an alternative money saver, it accomplishes two things. First, the savings is enormous, and second, your windows are covered for privacy.

When I worked as a maintenance engineer, this type of blind was used for the model apartments and model homes that were on the market in the complex that I was working in. they are very easy to hang and only take a few minutes to put up.

You will need a straight edge, a ruler, and a sharp knife for cutting. All you need do is measure the width of the window to be covered, and then measure that out on the blind.

Place the straight edge on your line and cut , then pull the self-sticking tape off of the top of the blind and place at the top of the windows edge , let it fall down to the bottom of the window, and cut off if necessary.

You can just leave it alone, or you can place it wherever you would like it to be, that means at whatever height you wish the blind to be at.

There are clips that will hold it in place and all you need do is remove them when you want the blind down for privacy.


Paper Blinds like this also come in a blackout version.

They are great for anyone who sleeps during the daytime, like the baby or the late shift sleeper.

They can block out almost 99 per cent of the light. This is great for privacy. The prices on blinds like this vary, but they are usually very inexpensive.

Just make sure if you buy them online that you get your measurements down right.

You don’t want to get them delivered and find out that they will not fit. Check twice and order once.

Paper Blinds are great for the garage, as well as the basement.

Or maybe you have a young adult that is going away to school, these are perfect for them.

These are top down blinds that will give great privacy.

There you have it, all the information you will ever need on paper blinds. If you’re artistic, you probably could even change the color by using a long plastic container that would hold the size of your blind, and fill with a dye that would change the color to whatever you would like.

I’m thinking out of the box here, but I would think you would then hang them to dry fully opened, so that they would not streak on you. Afterwards just follow the directions for hanging and you’re done.

Even a spray can of paint would work, or maybe you’re very good with a brush of paint in your hand. Either way give this a thought and think out of the box.

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Paper Blinds also brings to mind Shojii Screens learn more here from our library book # 22

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