Setting The Table

Setting the table can be great fun.  Whether it’s dinner for two, or a large gathering for a special occasion, it all comes down to the basics. 

A standard place setting includes

Place mat  /  dinner plate  /  salad plate  /  salad fork  /  entre’ fork  /dinner knife  /  spoon   /  napkin  /  extras would include dessert fork or knife, water glass , wine glass.

A formal place setting includes

Table liner  /  tablecloth  /  charger plate  /  dinner plate  /  salad plate  /  soup bowl /  bread plate  /  salad fork  /  dinner fork  /  dinner knife  /  soup spoon  /  dinner spoon /  bread knife  /  dessert fork or spoon  / water glass  /  wine glass  /  Champaign flute  / 

Setting the table includes many other items as well.  The center of the table may include: 

Flowers  /  candelabra  /  soup tureen  /  individual salt and pepper  /  name cards  /  containers for dried fruit and nuts  /  table runner  /  water carafes  /  wine carafes  / 

Coffee service:  It is customary to wait until all dinner items have been removed from the table before having coffee served.

  If you have a sideboard, it can be used for the coffee service. Everyone can help themselves, unless you have servers in the home.  

The sideboard is also a great place to use for after dinner drinks. 

These are just a few items that you may want to include on your table.  The sky is the limit, look around your home and include anything that may work on your table setting. 

  Remember that when you are entertaining guests in your home, you will want to make that experience a great memory for them, so go out of your way to include something unusual to add to your table setting.

The majority of us do not live in a formal world, but once in a while it’s a good idea to gather our best china, crystal, and silver and sit down with friends and family to have a great meal.

It’s the one gathering point in every home where everyone gets a chance to talk and share their lives.

  Even if you manage to do this once a month, it can bring great rewards to you.  So step out of your comfort zone and get creative.  You’ll find the experience well worth the effort. 

Useful Resources

Setting The Table, 101 table settings by Tessa evelegh #36 in our library

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