How do I get coffee stains out of my carpeting?

coffee stain on carpeting

coffee stain on carpeting

I just had my carpeting cleaned by professionals but they left offer stains behind on the staircase! What should I do now?

Thank you for your help!


hello carol. there are two processes for getting a set in coffee stain out of your carpeting. 1. you can fill a spray bottle with equal amounts of water and vinegar. Then spray over spot and let sit for a couple of minutes. then wick it up with a clean dry towel. keep doing this process until the stain has been removed. or 2. get a bottle of seltzer water and pour some over the stain and let it sit for a couple of hours. then wick that up with a dry towel until the carpet is damp to the touch. Then fill a bucket with some water and liquid dish soap and add a brush and start going over the area with the mixture. this will help to remove the stain further. then wick it up with a clean dry towel. the stain should be gone for the most part. you will then need to use a steam cleaner to remove the rest of the stain from the carpet. just follow the instruction for using the steamer and all should be well. happy cleaning. Richard

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