How to clean a bathroom shower floor?

by Suzanne Ruggiero
(Greensboro, NC USA)

My son has a shower made of PVC, or that hard plastic type material. The floor on his shower has turned yellow.

How can that be cleaned? I feel with bleach it would make it more yellow. Nothing worked that has been used so far.

Thank you. Susie

hello and thank you for the question. of course keeping up with the problems of fiberglass shower surrounds is not fun. 1. keep them dry, in otherwards after showering, wipe down the floor to keep the moisture off of it. 2. use liquid soaps for showering, because they do not leave a residue like bar soap does. soap has talc in it and when it dries it leaves a residue which builds up and creates scum on the surface. 3. Use vinegar to clean the floor and walls of the shower. just spray and let it sit for about 15 minutes, then go over the area with a micro cloth . Fill a bucket with hot water and some liquid detergent, and take your micro cloth and go over the entire shower, then rinse. if the floor is still not clean, then spray again with the vinegar and using some baking soda go over the entire floor again, using a scrub brush. rinse when done, Next fill a bucket with some hot water and a cup of bleach, along with some liquid detergent. Go over the floor again, this will help to put a shine back into the floor. and the bleach will help to disinfect. Rinse down the floor and let it dry. After all of that a polish can be applied to the floor, just look for a good one. it goes on in small circular motions and once dry, you can then apply a wax over the top to bring back the shine. best of luck. let us know your results, so we can pass it on to others.

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Oct 13, 2012
shower floor cleaning NEW
by: Anonymous

I can't believe I'm writing a comment for this but here goes: After many years of use, my shower floor made of fiberglass has stained so badly that i thought i would never be able to get it cleaned again. thank you for all of your help. i did exactly what you said and it worked. to my amazement. i guess i'll be getting more tips here from now on. whoever ansers your questions really knows a great deal about cleaning and especially cleaning something like this. i really liked the idea of waxing to bring back the shine, it really does work. thanks again, I'll be back soon. r.r.

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