My husband has been trying to clean the cement tiles that comprise our little sitting area directly off the back porch.

by Carol Boberg
(Greensboro NC)

cleaning your patio

cleaning your patio

The power hose only loosened some of the heavily ground in dirt. It did not clean it all. Then he went over it with a solution of tide and bleach. That helped get more dirt off but not all of it! He is working too hard! He has spent several hours using both the power hose and a heavy brush! Yet, he is not finished.

Can you recommend something he could use that would remove all this ground in dirt? Maybe some kind of an acid ? He will kill himself if he continues with this method.

Thanks for your help!

P.s. He also used "shout" which helped loosen more of the dirt

hello carol: tell your husband to slow down a bit. Yes there is a product that can take that dirt off. its called Bio-Green-Clean. its a plant based product that can remove anything. just spray it on to the area you want cleaned let it stand for about fifteen minutes, then go over the area with a brush to loosen the dirt. take your hose and wash it down. your area will be clean and free of all dirt. have fun .

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